Mar 27, 2016
CrimsonBlazee (All reviews)
A lot of people hate Fairy Tail. Despite the popularity, it's probably more hated than Sword Art Online and Boku no Pico, and that's saying something.

I'm writing this review as fairly as possible.

The new series carried on from the previous (Grand Magic Games arc). Since the end of the arc, there were about five arcs (Eclipse Celestial Spirit Arc + omake, Sun Village Arc, Tartaros Arc, Tenrou Jade Arc and the first two episodes of Avatar Arc).

During the one-year time skip within the series, we also saw Mavis' back-story in the Tenrou Jade Arc or Fairy Tail Zero as it's known to some people.

The story follows the manga and the omake manga. There was only one true filler arc throughout.

The main disappointment is ending the series two episodes into a new arc.

The art was noticeably different, and was still bright and vivid - until the Sun Village Arc. During this arc and the following arcs, the animation colours seemed to gain a purple filter - that's the only way I can describe it, but it was around that time that the story no longer immersed me, because I was agitated with the new colours.

The soundtracks, oh my.
Acnologia could have been voiced by someone who knows how to truly sound badass.

The characters were more fleshed out during the omake.

I have to give this a lower rating than its predecessor. This is mostly down to the artwork involved. It's the main area that let down the series for me, to the point where it is no longer in my top 5 series.