Dec 11, 2015
animimosa (All reviews)
the short ova got very unfairly treated on this site. now, thats not a big surprise many other animes are, just to mention Gintama as an example. But contrary as many mediocre products are hyped for no good reason, this fragile movie got trampled brutally.

made a few years earlier than turnAgundam it is taking on again a material which got so distorted in the first animation under the pressure of the producers that Tomino felt it should be made once more without all the additions of aura battler. and so the story is presented in the harsh and brutal inviroment of a medieval world with little space and time for peaceful scenes of refreshment. the way the story is introduced and told is not unlike the later turnAgundam. Only the actions and the dialogues deliver informations, and so the watcher may feel here easily like the main character himself: thrown into it and forced to grasp here and there something to get a hold. in the meanwhile the pressure of the situation is moving the events on and poor chris and the audience is dragged along in the brutality of the moment. That is an accomplishment that's rather seldom.

but Garzey is serious. here is no place and time to create the smooth and gentle humour present in the much longer Gundam story. with short flashes of reaction in the voice or the face of one of the characters feelings, dislikes even doubts are produced. but like in real life, time for consideration and understanding is coming often after events happen. and the relativity of the viewpoint is never taken away from the viewer.

although this 3 part ova has not a great budget the compromises are few only. the animation itself could have been improved with more hands and time and Tomino a master of enriching a setting with many details would surely have liked that. but sound, voice acting and the general design of characters, animals and backgrounds are all very satisfying in the way they carry the movie. everything seems exactly in its place.

so let me say it once more, and clearly to understand: this is a real good anime.