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Jan 31, 2016
now this is great. its about sport - baseball - and its great. Its so great that it dosent matter any more about what it really is.

of course the very good manga is an easy start. a great story. its very good in itself. provides the material, the passion and the fun, but in this anime happened something thats very rare. the animation creates something even richer.

story and characters are following close the manga. but the carefully improved artstyle, in details of the characters, but especially the surroundings and the backgrounds, supported with great sounds and voice acting, brings in what the manga has read more
Dec 11, 2015
the short ova got very unfairly treated on this site. now, thats not a big surprise many other animes are, just to mention Gintama as an example. But contrary as many mediocre products are hyped for no good reason, this fragile movie got trampled brutally.

made a few years earlier than turnAgundam it is taking on again a material which got so distorted in the first animation under the pressure of the producers that Tomino felt it should be made once more without all the additions of aura battler. and so the story is presented in the harsh and brutal inviroment of a medieval world with read more
Feb 19, 2015
it was propably ill fated from the beginning. tackle topics like individualistic aproach to life, art and genius seriously with a twinkle and finally expect a broad acceptance of the anime consumer - that is not realistic. and so here happened what happens as soon the producers with their red marked statistics take comand and try to turn it around. disaster.

in this case the inconsistency is quite remarkable. from a show intelligently grouping highly individual characters, to create entertaining misunderstandings not clumsely avoiding sex, we finally arrive at a very very mainstream, "ganbare, ganbare" crying, moralistic, crybaby slushy but puritanicly love denying cherry blossom convulsion. read more
Oct 25, 2014
now, it depends certainly on the individual approach wether it improves a movie it features sexual content accordingly to the story. propably its more a question how honestly an individual approaches himself to agree that a movie improves if sex scenes are used to deliver the story properly. because sex really happens

How ever this does not matter very much with this production. here it is all the way around and sex is strictly used to create a great story. a marvelous story. a hilarious story. a story with no mercy to its protagonists and of course with absolutly no mercy to the hypocrisy of modern read more
Oct 23, 2014
this got really bad.

the torturted animista can only suspect who actually were the culprits pressed the studio in this way to deliver a sequel, but do in no way anything like the first run. whoever it seems it was someone pritty fat and humourless but with a lot of influence to actually insist in the second season, for contract reasons only of course (!), but could force the makers to iron the whole thing flat. as flat they just could get it. really flat i mean.

they removed all elements which created not a spectacular but still entertaining anime in season one, as the sense read more
Oct 16, 2011
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i actually enjoyed this very much.
facts, developments, thoughts, emotions are brought to the audience in a very unique way. mainly through the dialogues the viewer could grasp quite a rich world around this baseball boys and their girls. these dialogues are far from being mainstreamed. open, doubting, unclear - freely, the protagonists are communicating. together with the excellent use of some other rather complex literary methods, like leaving the important unsaid, using details to unfold the complete a.o.; and the clever split of the medias to create wrong predictions or also intend contradictions between the heard and the shown, the told and the read more