Sep 20, 2015
Mycelis_Tsukiyo (All reviews)
Nononono has attempted raid, people being kicked off very high places, boobs, murder, attempted murder, suicide, afros and genderbender. It's a manga about skijumping.
Nononono is the second work of Lynn Okamoto, who is the best known for Elfenlied and Brynhildr in the darkness. Compared to those works Nononono is harmless, but he still managed to get his own personal note of ecchi, comedy and violence into it. It is not like those normal sports manga you see everywhere. If you expect something like Kuroko no Basket or Haikyuu, you will be disappointed.
The manga covers a sport that is very minor in most countries, but it explains the skijumping in a way people unfamiliar with it understand the basic rules. It contains many unique characters. Different from Okamoto's other works there aren't many females, but predominantly male characters. The story has many surprising twists which are caused by characters acting completley out of normal common sense.
Readers should be warned that the author axed the manga himself so the ending is quite rushed. I still recommend it.