Aug 23, 2015
Blood_Diver_A (All reviews)
[Vanilla Gods: Hisasi]

In the hentai world, Hisasi is considered one of three vanilla gods; the other two being Napata and Homunculus. Hisasi has a very distinct art style, something completely different from most other hentai artists. In fact, I was able to recognize his art style without his name on the front page! His art style usually involves drawing busty woman, and lots and lots of fluids.


This volume contains thirteen basic one-shots with no overlapping characters. The story is typical and generic in the realm of hentai. Basically, boy meets girls, they happily fuck each other, the end. Of course, before the fucking, there is a lot of foreplay and some meaningful dialogue to establish who these characters are. And, most of these stories are purely vanilla, so there is no NTR, BDSM, or any other strange fetishes. Included in this book are these tags: vanilla, femdom, incest, blowjobs, creampies, paizuri, nipple sucking, french kissing, and fingering.


This is where the artist shines best. Hisasi is notable for including lots of different liquids. On almost every page, that involves fucking, there is a shit ton of fluids, such as sweat, saliva, pre-cum, water, and semen. Every page is literally exploding with these fluids, giving off the impression that the sex is intense and passionate. Also, included in his style are the usually busty women, men with abnormally huge penises, and the sweet, happy endings.


Some female characters display a tsundere personality, some display a childish personality, and some display a shy personality. Basically, every female character has a different personality. However, every female character is lustful, and is weak against the powers of sex. Some males have a tiny bit of personality, but they are usually the one who initial the fucking.


For anybody that is a fan of vanilla, this is a must read. The sex scenes are hot and intense. And the love is purely vanilla.