Aug 9, 2015
middleground4471 (All reviews)
Zoids: New Century/Zero, the second series of the Zoids saga that's even better than the original!

As typical for a Shounen there isn't much of a story, every episode is basically just another fight scene and, of course, the heroes always win, but this time the story isn't so serious. In Chaotic Century, Zoids were strictly used as weapons of war, but in New Century Zoids are used for sporting competitions where no one dies and even if you lose you can just get back up and try again. There's much less tension and drama in New Century which I really like because I never took Zoids that seriously, I mean come on when this show was on TV it ran to back with shows like Pokemon.

The character's are also much better is New Century than is Chaotic Century. Bit has a much more carefree attitude than Van did and Leena is a total Tsundere which I just find hilarious. New Century has a lot of funny characters in fact: Leena's dad is just a big kid, Dr. Leyon was such an incompetent villain, and everything Harry says is funny. Of course, don't get the wrong impression, this anime is still packed to the roof with explosions, fight scenes, and cool Sci Fi Mecha stuff so it isn't just a comedy.

New Century does have kind of an over-arching plot like Chaotic Century did, but, kind of like in Chaotic Century, a whole lot of exposition is crammed into last episode and isn't really that important. However, like I said at the beginning, its a Shounen, every episode is basically just another adrenaline fix with a few laughs thrown in for comic relief. A lot of fun to watch, though!