Jul 27, 2015
femto999 (All reviews)
I like Psycho-pass. It's an interesting franchise that doesn't have any kind of moe and doesn't involve high school teenagers with supernatural powers. It's a really good thriller-mystery show with some really deep characters and good philosophical themes. I really enjoyed the first season and I loved the second one (though I was probably the only one). Yet I didn't like this movie as much as the predecessors. At first let's start with the story. The thing that i liked about this film was the fact that it expanded the already interesting world of Psycho pass. The biggest part of the movie doesn't take place in the futuristic Japan like the two previous anime series but in another country were things didn't develop as good as with Japan. That way we have a really interesting place to get the story started. The plot itself was good enough even though in some moments I was starting to loose interest. Generally speaking the movie is kinda big in length (almost two hours) as a lot of things open up and need to be closed with the ending.Also the philosophical aspect of the two first seasons is almost gone as this movie targets mostly in the action and a little bit in the political thriller genre. The animation is really good but for Production IG the best animation studio in Japan for me there were some flaws. Basically the animation was kind off awkward in some hand to hand combats. But overall it was really amazing. Now for the sound. Let the rant begins. I am not one of those people who have complex about locations. If an anime is taking place in England for example, I don't mind if the characters are speaking Japanese. But when an anime is trying to add English dialogues in it's script is always welcome with the requirement of course that the English are at least GOOD. I'm not asking to speak fluent English (hell I can't even write fluent English XD) but in this movie were a major part of the dialogue was in English this thing was unbearable as most of the voice actors couldn't speak English at all. And ok I could excuse the fact that Kogami's couldn't speak good English because he is a main character in the franchise and they couldn't change his voice actor. But for the characters that appeared for the first time like Nicolas or the mercenary team they could at least take some voice actors that could speak better English than the abortion that I was hearing from them.Maybe I would forgive it if the film was made by another studio but Production IG has a history of shows with really good English dialogues like ''Higashi no Eden'' and ''Blood the last vampire'' so this was unforgivable for me. Just make them speak Japanese for God's sake!!! Apart from that the voice actors were generally really good and the same goes for the OSTs too. The film starts with song of people's now favorite band Ling Toshite Shigure which was good but not their best in my opinion and ends with the awesome song by Egoist ''namae no nai kaibutsu''. But for the horrible ''engrish'' I put a 6 in the sound section. Hell some sideshows were speaking way better English than the main characters!!!
And lastly we reach the character section. I'm not a fun of Kogami (yes he appears it was obvious from the trailer so it's not a spoiler). I find him too perfect for the fucked up word that Psycho pass is displaying. But it was nice to see the other characters like Akane, Gino and a special someone near the end who makes a brief but memorable appearance that I believe all of us we were expecting. The other movie-exclusive characters were good enough but I was disappointed with the mercenary team who were all really interesting characters but apart from their leader none of them is being discovered at all.
Overall ''Psycho Pass the Movie'' was an enjoyable entry in this franchise. I don't believe it will be the last especially after seeing the last scene after the credits. It's good if you want to see 2 hours of action with a little bit of political thriller on it but don't expect to see any philosophies like the two previous seasons. I would recommend this movie to the fans of the franchise but don't go with high expectations. But I guess I shouldn't be the one to talk. I was somebody who loved the second season after all XD.