Jul 6, 2015
MamiPeach (All reviews)
I stumbled across a screenshot of Creamy Mami one day, and thought Mami looked like such a silly character that I needed to know who the heck she was. After googling various images of her, I felt the urge to watch an episode or two.

I finished the whole anime in about two weeks. That's huge for me.

The characters were so unique and lively, sticking to the same personality throughout the series. It was especially exciting to see Morisawa Yuu, the main character, display such childlike and immature qualities, as it seems as though people often depict their characters as "pure," or "perfect," and what not. In this way, the characters were very relatable and fun to watch! My only complaint about the characters they introduced in the series would be that many of the episodes brought forth interesting people - accompanied with complex backstories - that were never to appear again. Even so, the abundance of unique, cute stories that elapsed over the Creamy Mami anime kept me from getting uninterested ^u^ Oftentimes, when animes follow a type of overly-serious plot, the emotional parts seem much less touching.

In contrast, when the sweet, romantic scenes appeared in Creamy Mami, it just felt like the cutest thing!

In general, I probably took to this anime so fast because it's part of my favorite genre: comedy. I love sad animes, but ones that are based on such emotions are often not as funny to me, and I like to experience all sorts of feelings when I get into a story. That was definitely present as I watched Creamy Mami.

I rated Creamy Mami nine stars. This might be seen as over-generous, as the story didn't really develop/change, and much of the magical aspects were never fully explained or advanced. To put it simply, a lot of the interesting ideas felt as though they were never finished, and that was a little disheartening. Even so, I was tempted to give Creamy Mami a 10/10 for reminding me of the importance of innocence and of a simple, straight-forward love story.

In the end, it was never necessary to overload a series with dramatic episodes to make the viewer leave it with a big smile on their face c: