Jun 23, 2015
sinsoo (All reviews)
I am honestly not sure how to describe this series. It's like magical girl idols, meet cyberpunk setting, plus a decent amount of fan service. It's definitely unique and it could of been wonderful, but I felt as if the series fell short of all expectations I had.

To put it simply, there was no way the writers could of adequately fit in everything they wanted to cover in twelve episodes. There were many plot twists that made zero sense, and had very little explanation. I found a lot of it to be shallow and not well developed. The series' ending was bland and only made me annoyed that they decided to squeeze it into one episode. This is the main reason I am rating it so low.

This is probably the first series that adequately and almost seamlessly incorporates 2D and 3D animation. It isn't abrupt or jarring like others, nor does it seem out of place when they switch from one to the other. The animation overall is well done, and I don't really have any complaints in regard to it, really only praise.

At first I had no real opinion on the songs, but after letting them simmer for awhile I became hopelessly addicted. There isn't one I dislike. It's consistently good music, and I could listen to each over and over again. Overall the songs lend themselves more to a J-Rock style than anything else, but there is one that could be categorized as J-Pop. Really enjoyable music.

Originally I started watching this series because the character designs were just so cute. And they are. I love all of the character designs, the VA's they chose, and their 3D models as well. My complaint would be that the characters had very little character development or screentime. In fact, the main band, Plasmagica, is almost completely overshadowed by another group ShinganCrimsonz. ShinganCrimsonz isn't even a rival band, they're with the same company. They were ridiculously lovable though and their antics were great comedy relief. Downside? I think I heard them perform more than Plasmagica and I also think they displayed a better group dynamic than Plasmagica as well. They honestly stole the spotlight and the show isn't even about them. That's more of a complaint on the writing than the characters though.

The series is a guilty pleasure. Is it written well? No. Is it a respectable interest? No. But man is it fun to watch. I wouldn't recommend it to a friend unless they REALLY liked shows centered around bands or music, but it is fun to watch, and you might as well finish it once you begin it since it's so short.