Jun 21, 2015
Somebody101 (All reviews)
Well it's an improvement from the first series I'll give it that, but it could still use improvement.

Story: 7
The story in the start and going on was good, and definitely a whole lot better paced then the last season was. However near the end, and especially the last episode, it seemed like the writers tried to cram a whole 2 episodes worth into 12 minutes. Yeah, not a really pretty sight to see. However, they decided to still go with the 10 episodes instead of 12 episodes which would have allowed for a lot better of a transition in the story.

Art: 8
The art, like last season, doesn't fail to let down the viewer. The action scenes especially shined in this element with all of the car flipping, exploding, and death parts that were to be seen in various places in the anime.

Sound: 8
The sound was well implemented and sounded pleasing to the ears, as well as the intro and outro music were really enjoyable. Besides that however, there weren't any specific parts that I could think of that were impressive.

Characters: 7
How would I describe it...well the characters are all from last season with the encompassing of some new characters who weren't that well explained with the exception of (spoiler) Yujii's sister and some others. Literally, the clone of Yujii was in the anime for less then 5 minutes with little to no backstory before he gets shanked by Yujii. I didn't watch the OVA so maybe theres more information about the characters in it, but the anime itself gives very little information about the villians in this series besides the fact that there bad, and need to be stopped.

Enjoyment: 6
I really don't know personally why I give it only a 6 in the enjoyment category, but I do know that while I enjoyed watching this in the beginning, I started to watch this because I hate to leave animes unfinished, and not because I love it. Maybe it's because they focus so much on Yuuji's backstory or maybe on whats happening to the girls in the present, but I started not to watch it because I liked it, but because I didn't have any other animes to watch on Sundays.