Apr 5, 2015
malikkkk27_ (All reviews)
The OVA came to end ehh, why not make season 2 or at least a movie of their adult life that would be interesting. :) I'll be only talking about Ova 2

Story: 7/10
Fast forward to 4 years later and they all grown up, a special visit by the parents to see how the 3 kids look like, It's heart warming to see their parents back but of course being the souls, still wouldn't know how the plane crashed. Hearing a marriage, well that shock me, this ova is a little bit rushed, could at least made this into a movie. Would give this a good rate if it continues until their marriage scene. I know some say incest marriage but they're not really that releated.

Art: 8/10
Sora is totally different in her adult view compare to her 14 year view, her Haruhi resemblance is already disappeared in her adult view and look more mature as ever. Yutta well same as always. Background view are decent

Please the OST is really tear jerking

Character: 8/10
From my perspective, sora really change a lot, her tsundere trait may still be there but it became less in her adult view, Hina, well she really can do her own like going to school alone and can speak very well, Miu? She is inproduction to become an idol. Yutta? Going to work as a businessman? I guess and becoming a great father in making.

Enjoyment: 10/10
It seem to heart warming and enjoyable just only the ending part were really rushed, i rather wished to see how the marriage will go and how their life would be after the marriage, instead of leaving us imagining how their life might be, but i still give this 10/10 because their parents came back of course to check out on them, being the main role for this special visit.

Overall: 8/10

How i wish they would make season 2. :/ or a movie at least