Feb 20, 2015
misacchin (All reviews)
Well damn...
This is not the kind of manga a read every day. I typically read adventure shounen or horror/ mystery type of stuff and Tokyo Babylon is pretty much on the other end of the scale HOWEVER it is worth the read, surprisingly, and here's why;
(PS. If you just want the short version of it skip to Overall :p)

Story: 9/10
I was extremely confused at the beginning. Not only was the wording terrible but what was happening in the story made no sense. I really have no idea why I kept reading because I felt like dropping t right there HOWEVER I am grateful I kept reading on. It went from "is this series a joke/I seriously don't expect anything out of this series" to "well damn me....".
If you have read some of Tokyo B. and thought what a joke I order that you go back and keep reading. It will get better as the story goes on; trust me.

Art: 8/10
I'm not very familiar with the shoujo typical kind of art so I'm not sure how it would score if you take that into consideration but overall it wasn't that bad. It is better than what I can draw so I can't really complain haha. At first I thought that the author would use the same face for all the characters but once you keep reading you see that all the characters have different facial characteristics and I appreciate that.

Characters: 9/10
You may think Subaru should just man up and stop being such a wimp but as you go on you appreciate his character and personality. You also begin to appreciate the characters and how they go on throughout the story and I really like Sei's development too. If you're a character development kind of person, this may be something you should add to your reading list.

Enjoyment: 10/10
To be honest with you, when I started reading I was prepared to spend the whole time laughing at the artwork and the characters and how terrible it was but as I kept reading I kept getting sucked in until I finished. I enjoyed that. I have really never had this kind of experience before so I applaud it for fooling me like this. After finishing it I wanted more ;n;. It seems like X is the sequel but I see no Subaru in it ;A;.

Overall: 10/10
I did give an 8 for the art but that is just me being picky, therefore I give11/11 7s for this. If this ends up in your list because of some kind of randomizing tool, read it. If you like this genre, read it. If you don't like this genre, read it (ok maybe don't but just give it it try >83), If you don't like shounen ai, read it. The is no ai in there what so ever apart from Sei being odd with his 'I love you' teases. I surprisingly enjoyed it and I bet you will too. It is not a long series and worth if you have the time to spare. My final comment on Tokyo B. is "damn that ending though"