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Jun 26, 2015
(To skip ranting and get to the point, head to overall c: )
So many reviews were dissing this manga because they were comparing it to Death Note and I can see why however I don't feel like comparing it to Death Note is fair at all. Sure, the main character has a Light personality however if I were to compare this I would much rather compare it to Code Geass (and Lelouch's MIND CONTROL Geass) or to Zennou no Noa.

The story was quite captivating. Of course the idea of hypnotizing people is quite silly but, then again, a Death Note is ridiculous and a read more
May 2, 2015
Just a disclaimer, I can see what the other reviews refer to, lack of story and sucky plot, etc. However I feel like the most important part of Rolling Girls was the character development, which I have not seen covered in the reviews I have read. This series might not be for everyone; those who like a plot intensive series will not find it here (there is a plot but each episode more or less has episodic plots (a plot may extend to 2-3 episodes along with the main plot that is barely there except for the last 3 ep.). Many may read more
Feb 20, 2015
Well damn...
This is not the kind of manga a read every day. I typically read adventure shounen or horror/ mystery type of stuff and Tokyo Babylon is pretty much on the other end of the scale HOWEVER it is worth the read, surprisingly, and here's why;
(PS. If you just want the short version of it skip to Overall :p)

Story: 9/10
I was extremely confused at the beginning. Not only was the wording terrible but what was happening in the story made no sense. I really have no idea why I kept reading because I felt like dropping t right there HOWEVER I am grateful I kept read more