Jan 14, 2015
And the morale of the story is, "Live for yourself and to the fullest because life waits for no one."

After watching all four of the short stories the experience left me feeling nostalgic, and with an overall sense of warm happiness, [b]however[/b] it also left me with a feeling of fear in regards to the future.

The short stories center around the lives of 4 different women between their late 20s to early 40s. The stories primarily focus on the age old theme of love; whether that be love in the form of friendship, motherly love, love of an old lover, or the love within a new romantic relationship. It also delves into matters of life in general through the eyes of these women; life as a mother, wife, girlfriend, and worker. Sometimes things are lighthearted and fun, while at other times there is a stark portrayal of a dull grey life.

It is a slow paced, slice of life romance josei drama so if you don't like such genres you may not enjoy it. However, I have to admit that I personally don't usually watch enjoy such genres but this I did enjoy immensely. Even though I am pretty young, I could still relate to their problems and emotions which was probably why I enjoyed it so much.

In conclusion, I really did like this anime and would recommend it to most girls but possibly only guys who like slice of life, drama and romance anime.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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