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Jan 14, 2015
And the morale of the story is, "Live for yourself and to the fullest because life waits for no one."

After watching all four of the short stories the experience left me feeling nostalgic, and with an overall sense of warm happiness, [b]however[/b] it also left me with a feeling of fear in regards to the future.

The short stories center around the lives of 4 different women between their late 20s to early 40s. The stories primarily focus on the age old theme of love; whether that be love in the form of friendship, motherly love, love of an old lover, or the love within ...
Jan 12, 2015
Yamamoto Soubi has done it again! She has found a way to take two seemingly "normal" characters and create a complexity and depth within them which is unprecedented and which takes true skill to accomplish.

The story is centered around two robots who try to become more human-like by trying to understand the true meaning of love. "An emotion which only humans can feel/understand". The anime takes you on what I feel to be reminiscent of a beautiful poetic journey and deals with themes of love, suicide, acceptance and humanity itself. It will make you reflect on life and is one of those animes which ...
Jan 12, 2015
To start off with, let me just say that I am not one for long tedious anime reviews so this will be a short but concise one. So without any further ado let me begin. :D

I have personally fallen in love with all of the previous episodes within this 'Kono Danshi' series so when I heard of this new installment I HAD to watch it and surely enough I was not disappointed. The anime centers around a shy boy who then falls in love with his teacher. Along the way you are gripped with emotions of sadness, empathy and then overall joy.

It is a ...

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