Dec 30, 2014
Nailbeast (All reviews)
What if your favorite hairstyle?

Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu is an anime that you'll either love or absolutely hate, it's about a boy in love with the twintails hairstyle and becoming a hero because of that love. I found myself enjoying this series quite much by not questioning the characters' logic too much and viewing this anime as more of a comedy rather than something serious, because there are many things that occur that don't make much sense in the real world.

I have to say that the story was quite generic up until episode 7, it consisted mainly of very cliche things. The characters just gained superpowers and rids the world of evil every day, there weren't any particularly interesting things in their fighting style either, just the same old scream out the name of the attack/power and wreck shop. After episode 7 the story suddenly takes a turn and becomes much more interesting.

I liked the artstyle in Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu quite a lot, the girls were all very cute and would always put a smile on my face. Unfortunately the quality of the art was a bit lacking. What I noticed was that the close ups become slobby in certain situations, either the facial structure was a bit weird or the eyes become very 'intriguing'. With that being said I want to clarify that the art quality was still far from being horrible and still pretty good despite its flaws.

The only song that I took a liking to is the opening song, I would often find myself not skipping the OP to listen to it another time and that's a good sign.
The background music in the anime however was nothing special and neglectable, it did set the mood well and complete it's duty.

This was the weak part of the anime, the characters were all quite flat and didn't develop that much aside from the main character Souji. Souji start off as someone who undeniably loves twintails until his doubt of his love kicked in, that's when things took a twist and when his character started to shine.

Comedy is one of my favorite genres and Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu was a great work of that genre. There were definitely some lame jokes that left me speechless but that's also what makes this anime so great. But again enjoyment lies on your own mind and there are a lot of people that would undoubtedly hate this anime to its core. But nevertheless you should give this anime a try and see for yourself!

After watching this anime I think I want to touch some twintails myself.