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Mar 8, 2015
Hanasaku Iroha is a very impacting and high quality slice of life anime with a touch of romance that you don't see very often. The story starts of fairly simple and won't get that much more complicated as the anime progresses. However what many people don't realise is, is that very complex stories aren't automatically good and neither are simple ones bad. This is the case with Hanasaku Iroha, a very relatable and simple story with near perfect execution.

The difference between this anime and other similar slice of life animes is the depth of every single character. What really caught me by surprise was read more
Dec 30, 2014
What if your favorite hairstyle?

Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu is an anime that you'll either love or absolutely hate, it's about a boy in love with the twintails hairstyle and becoming a hero because of that love. I found myself enjoying this series quite much by not questioning the characters' logic too much and viewing this anime as more of a comedy rather than something serious, because there are many things that occur that don't make much sense in the real world.

I have to say that the story was quite generic up until episode 7, it consisted mainly of very cliche things. The read more
Dec 26, 2014
As a huge fan of Kyoto Animation I couldn't wait to dive into this anime!
Having watched almost every anime of Kyoto Animation I have to say that Amagi Brilliant Park is unique on its own and yet another stunning creation.
While most high school comedy animes are of course set in a school environment this one takes place on a very magical place, Amagi Brilliant Park!

Story - 8

The story is fairly simple yet entertaining, the main character Kanie is set out to save a amusement park from the brink of extinction.
There aren't really a lot of plot twists and unexpected events but that doesn't mean the read more
Dec 24, 2014
Before I started watching Love Live! School Idol Project, I was a bit hesitant about going into it. I'm not entirely sure whether it was the fact that I was a huge K-On! fan and didn't want to accept other similar animes or the fear I have for too many main characters at once because I dislike overly complex/confusing stories.
But I have to say that all my hesitations were blown away right at the first episode, as I continued I discovered that this anime is to one of the most lovely anime I have ever seen.
Now onto the 5 parts of ratings:

Story - read more