Dec 18, 2014
Kynov (All reviews)
"Sometimes, things that you dont consider as a good thing for you is probably the most good things for you"

Thats what i learned from Yowamushi Pedal.

Yowamushi Pedal is an anime that i pick randomly just because some people talking about it, honestly i dont have any expectation for this anime and i am not even a fan of cycling. For me, cycling is just a boring sport you just have to pedal your bicycle as fast as you can and thats it. But seems my arrogance must be paid, this anime gives you a new perspective about cycling and makes you think cycling is not always ride a bike but also the fun behind ride it.

The story will begin about Onoda Sakamichi, an otaku who loves to go to Akiba using his mama bikes once a week. When he entered into Sohoku high school, he already planned to join anime club but unfortunately anime club is already disbanded and need new members to revive the club. While he tried to find a new member, he realize his talents in cycling especially in climbing which he got from his journey to Akiba each week. Then, he ended up to join Sohoku cycling club.

What makes Yowamushi Pedal interesting is the way how the bring the story. As we know, cycling is not really popular and even boring sport for some people –me, especially- they bring out the tension and drawing out some “action” scenes. Basically, Yowamushi Pedal is a modern sports konjo (meaning sports and will-power). They providing us each of the character’s thoughts carefully while taking careful time to illustrate the action and the reason behind each characters the action.

Not just that, Yowamushi Pedal explains perfectly all things about cycling. Like how i said before this anime give you a new perspective about cycling and they really did it. I always thought cycling race (like tour de france) is simple, you just need ride the bike and quickly reach the finish line but i was wrong. It is more complicated. Like did you know there is two type road bicycle racer, climber or sprinter? Or did you know the pack leader is the most exhausting parts because they must drafting the pack?

As i said before, sports konjo is focussing on will-power. Its pretty much genre that quite essentially from japanese and easily reflects an important mentality within the culture: no matter how tough it gets, it’s possible to improve by the power of will and this what makes Yowamushi interesting. Our main character, Onoda is not a talented person in cycling but his will what makes him through all the obstacles and we, as viewer cant be helped to not to root for him.

Yowamushi Pedal is surely quite eyecandy for a people who looking for visual quality. It surely have the best art in sport anime. They mixed well between 2D animation and 3D animation especially when every riding scenes, they use 3D animation from the legs to the bottom while in the face they using 2D in face section. I must say the art is really superb and almost flawless. Not just that, the background is also looks vivid and colorful, its surely visual feast for the viewers.

The music is also pleasant to hear. All the opening song which are rock songs is really suitable with the themes, which is sport and determination. The one thing i really memorize is from Dirty Old Men, Yowamushi na Honoo (弱虫な炎) is really a catchy rock song, the fast beat drum and catchy tune makes this anime looks epic. The BGM or soundtrack is also amazing, they really hyped the atmosphere like when the racer nearly reach the finish line, the BGM that they use is an orchestra music which makes the atmosphere looks glorius and epic.

What makes Yowamushi interesting to watch is the characters. Almost all the characters in this anime have unique side and personality. You can easily knowing them by the differences, like Naruko , which he is hot blooded character or Izumida, the rival cyclist who is always flaunting his chiseled abs. Its important to make the characters prominent to others because by doing it you can easily remembering them and make them is not like a forgettable 2D character and become a wasted character.

Finally, after all the things i have said, i can surely saying this “this is a great anime that i would recommend to you guys”. This is one of good sports anime, because it can turn the topic of a sport you’ve never had interest into entertainment, and Yowamushi Pedal is just like that