Yowamushi Pedal
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Alternative Titles

English: Yowamushi Pedal
Synonyms: Yowapeda
Japanese: 弱虫ペダル


Type: TV
Episodes: 38
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 8, 2013 to Jul 1, 2014
Premiered: Fall 2013
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Discotek Media
Source: Manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, SportsSports, DramaDrama, ShounenShounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.021 (scored by 8058380,583 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #5162
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Popularity: #762
Members: 166,029
Favorites: 2,100


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Aug 12, 2014
Veronin (All reviews)
Peer pressure often prevents us from being the person we want to be. The teenage years entail a necessity for conformity and a fear of change. Physical appearance, grades, money and social status are used to determine someone's value in society. Or so it seems.

For Onoda Sakamichi, he finds his place by pedalling and pedalling forward.

Yowamushi Pedal is a story of a weak-willed, unattractive and friendless otaku finding joy in life through the sweat of sport. Nobody, including himself, thinks him capable of more than shopping for manga and singing embarrassing anime songs. He rides his cheap bicycle from school to Akihabara once a week read more
Jul 6, 2014
Solid_Cow (All reviews)
Yowamushi Pedal is not a good show. It's a standard, predictable shounen sports series that does nothing memorable or exciting. Every conflict in the story is caused by not having enough pride in your team, and every conflict is resolved by having more pride in your team. The characters all fit neatly into their pre-determined stereotypes, and nothing really changes between the start of the show and the last end card. But this show does excel in one area, and that is copious amounts of balls-to-the-wall MANSERVICE.

Now, I don't claim to be an expert on the admiration of the male physique. I like my ladies read more
Sep 7, 2014
Stark700 (All reviews)
Hobbies. Everyone has them whether when you were just a kid, during high school, or as an adolescent. But everyone’s hobbies vary. Hobbies pique interest and interest can lead into an obsession. For Sakamichi Onoda, his hobby is watching anime to the point of obsession. You remember that one time when you forgot to record your favorite show that airs late at night? Well for Sakamichi, that could be a catastrophe. But little does Sakamichi know that his hobby will lead him to an encounter with destiny. That encounter leads him to ride the winds and steer the Yowamushi Pedal.

A tour with Yowamushi Pedal will read more
Oct 2, 2014
elleyonce (All reviews)
At one point or another, one faces a metaphorical wall, and no matter how much effort one puts into breaking it, it is futile. What does one do, then? Give up? Wait? Have the willpower to try again and again?

This, essentially, is what Yowamushi Pedal is about.

Yowamushi Pedal, Weak Pedals in English and Yowapeda for short, follows Onoda Sakamichi and his journey to have fun with friends he never had, as well as his struggles in the world of road racing he gets dragged into. It’s, of course, not a unique concept by any means – after all, many sports shows follow the scheme of read more
Jul 8, 2014
TooBadForU (All reviews)
This review has grown big enough, so I'll cut the chase and let you jump right into it:

I'll go right ahead and say that I'm not usually "into" sports manga and/or anime, mainly because I'm not into sports in general. Thus, I can't really say how clichéd or not clichéd the story is compared to other titles in the genre. I do know a few things about shōnen though, and seriously - this is so shōnen.
A lot of determined faces, seemingly impossible odds, close failures that get solved in the nick of time by the power of some good ol' Japanese read more
Dec 18, 2014
Kynov (All reviews)
"Sometimes, things that you dont consider as a good thing for you is probably the most good things for you"

Thats what i learned from Yowamushi Pedal.

Yowamushi Pedal is an anime that i pick randomly just because some people talking about it, honestly i dont have any expectation for this anime and i am not even a fan of cycling. For me, cycling is just a boring sport you just have to pedal your bicycle as fast as you can and thats it. But seems my arrogance must be paid, this anime gives you a new perspective about cycling and makes you think cycling is not read more
Jul 23, 2014
freemums (All reviews)
Oh gosh, the things to say about this show.

I really, really loved this show. When I first found out about it, I was a bit confused because: Bikes? Why?
But then I fell in love with every single character in the series and it was one hell of a ride.

The story is simple and easy to follow. Looking at the story dryly, it may seem a bit boring, but it really isn't. It's the characters and their amazing development that make this series awesome.

This cast is hugely diverse in looks and personality. You've got chubby characters, extremely thin characters, muscly characters, tall characters, short characters, read more
Mar 30, 2015
acclrtr (All reviews)
This was an enjoyable anime that gives one a great glimpse into cycling and its peculiarities. While giving you information about the sport you also get a pretty common but well build story that is, in its format, quite often used. The main character find a new passion and happens to have a talent because of something he had to do up until now. (This is similar to Initial D and others.)
So the story isn't a deep masterpiece but fits perfectly for the theme of cycling and allows for exposition.

The art and sound design are fine and allow for easy watching and support the action read more
Dec 18, 2016
MAND4 (All reviews)
With the announcement of the 3rd season, I decided to check out Yowamushi Pedal and see whether the ride was worth it (pun intended). I wasn't exactly expecting anything special out of it, so I can with a heart full of love say that Yowamushi Pedal is everything I thought it would be before I watched it. In a nutshell, it's just another sports anime...

If you're a newcomer to either the world of anime or the sports genre, you may get far more out of YP than I did. It has everything that enticed me into this genre at first: over the top animation, plethora read more
Mar 7, 2020
sashimiso (All reviews)
"aNiMe iSn'T meAnT tO bE rEaL, iT's sO thAt wE cAn eXpeRieNcE sOmEtHinG mOrE aWeSoMe tHaN rEaLitY" - a response to one of my comments about Yowamushi Pedal

[this may contain mild SPOILERS for the first 10 episodes]
I love Sports Animes. I've seen my fair share of them. From Haikyuu to DnA to One Outs, I've been exposed to a variety of MCs. Some of them have godly minds. Some of them have godly skills. Some are badass. Some are earnest.

But what they all have in common is hard work, practice, and specific skillsets. They have flaws. They can't do certain things. Whether it's stamina, read more
Nov 24, 2014
Risan07 (All reviews)
High school is sort of that akward time for us all where we try to find out place in the world and try to make friends that have similar interests as us. For some it can be worse trying to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat. The main take away for Yowamushi Pedal is this:

You can conquer any challenge.

Story 8/10

The story is about Onoda Sakamichi, a friendless Otaku who goes into high school with the hopes of joining the anime club to finally make friends. His hopes are crushed though when he finds that the club has been cancelled due to a lack of members. As read more
Jan 21, 2017
ItIsIDio (All reviews)
This review only applies for the first 10 episodes of the series, it does not constitute for the overall experience of the anime itself and it will be comprised of what I liked/disliked about the anime and the reason I have had dropped it for.

My reasoning for dropping Yowamushi Pedal is fairly simple. It has no element that is unique to itself and presents only themes that have presented in a lot of other sports anime. As a result of such, you have an underdog that finds friendship and determination by getting entranced in a sport, cherishing the friendships he made along the way, being read more
Nov 30, 2014
Blind_Guardian (All reviews)
Let me preface this by saying that not only do I not watch sports anime, I hate sports in general. Nothing interests me less than athletic competition, especially since I find most sports to be horrendously boring (I'm not counting martial arts in the category of 'sports' here, or I'd find very little shonen I'm able to enjoy).

YowaPeda is the exception to the rule, and boy what an exception it is.

I almost don't really think of it as a sports anime, as it makes use of all the shonen tropes we know and love. Red Oni/Blue Oni, Hot Blooded heroes, plucky underdogs, and of course, read more
Nov 8, 2016
nylife1022 (All reviews)
Personally I was never a fan of sports anime. They just didn't interest me what so ever. Free was okay but it wasn't my favorite, but then I found this masterpiece. Once upon a time I was in my dorm trying to find an anime to watch and i was on a manga fanpage on facebook and they posted a comparison meme of Imaizumi to Haru from Free. I saw in the comments the anime was called yowamushi pedal. I went on google and looked it up and I knew from just the summary I would enjoy this show. I never had so much fun read more
Jun 30, 2014
shadowfireflame (All reviews)
Bicycling anime! Onoda is a nerdy otaku who plans on starting a school anime club until his natural talent for biking is discovered, and then he and his new friends Imaizumi and Naruko bond over a love of bike racing. I love the rivalry/friendship between Imaizumi and Naruko, how they’re determined not to lose to each other and yet are bound together by their mutual interest in taking care of Onoda. What an adorable trio: they work so well together.

Onoda is completely loveable with his glasses and his “mommy bike” and his anime; I burst out laughing every time he sings his princess anime read more
Nov 29, 2014
AnimeDevotee (All reviews)
" Hime Hime Hime, suki suki daisuki Hime Hime, kira kirarin" -I already love this anime song.
This anime is simply all about getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing the world on what it has to offer. However, Sakamichi Onoda is awkward , appearance wise is not so good and has no friends. And just because of a habit he continuously does changes him as a character and his life. From a reader's point of view, I already love his genuineness which other characters do as well.

Thus I advise everyone who loves generally anime to try this anime out. As the read more
Oct 10, 2018
icekoolkr (All reviews)
Yowamushi Pedal is just your regular sports anime. As this is my first time trying to review an anime, I am just going to give it my honest opinion on it. As someone who is a fan of sports anime's in general, I find that Yowamushi Pedal is probably the best bicycle racing anime. But that doesn't mean that it was amazing. Anyways lets jump right on in (Warning, Minor Spoilers)

Story: 7
I actually thought the story was very original in some unique aspects. Even though it is your classic talented individual (Sakamichi) who never recognized he had a talent for bicycle racing, I thought that read more
Apr 14, 2020
WeebXXX (All reviews)
Should you watch the show? It depends mostly on your interests I would say, this show won't make you interested in the sport unlike Haikyuu or something similar, but it does deliver some enjoyment to people who has done some cycling before.

Compared to other sport animes it does have similar moments, where they go indepth to the sport which is cool, but the 2 main problems in the show in my opinion are the fact that most of the action made by the characters were purely achieved by "friend power", pride or something similar, also some of the scenes were dragged out too much, read more
Jul 24, 2014
RaveMasterHaru (All reviews)
One thing I love about Yowamushi Pedal is that you don't have to be a fan of sports, sports anime or cycling to fall in love with the anime. The characters are all interesting and you grow to love them and hate them in your own kind of way.

I find this anime funny, fun to watch, interesting and awesome. It's one of those anime's that'll keep you on edge during the races and give you feels when you see one of your beloved characters win or lose. If any of you guys like Kuroko No Basket then you will deffo love Yowamushi Pedal, I read more
Jun 22, 2016
yumenokotoba (All reviews)
Oh, the story of the underdog.

Onoda is a total otaku that finds his true calling as a road racer climber. Through his high school bike club, he meets friends and rivals, and begins his journey as a road racer.

I particularly love shounen sports manga because they are so much fun. And there is something to be said about an underdog to comes out on top. You can't help but hope and pray they make it. And yes, part of the enjoyment is finding out how they do it.

2/3 of the first season sets the stage: we find out how Onoda is dragged into this world read more