Nov 24, 2014
Monjoex (All reviews)
Oddly enough, while it appears to be a typical show about mecha, it has much less to do with the mecha themselves than you would think. It actually focuses more on the characters and their interactions with each other. This is not necessarily a bad thing even if you were looking into this series for the mecha, because they do have some visually stunning battle scenes. Lagrange did a steller job keeping a good balance between the sci-fi mecha, high school life, and character drama.

The pacing is back and forth. A few episodes seemed a bit sluggish at times, while others felt flew by like nothing. At least those instances were few and far between. The main character, Madoka, is probably the most likeable character in the entire show. Her companions, Lan and Muginami, are also incredible and the three girls compliment each other quite well

With a strong opening and more than fitting ending, this overall is a fun and enjoyable show for any audience. The story is not fully explained and there are some issues with it,

I did feel that the Yuri undertones throughout this series came off a bit strong and hold a little too much presence. But if you aren’t the kind of person to be bothered by this, there’s nothing to worry about. Even still, it’s not blatantly thrown in your face, so even if it’s not your cup of tea, it’s not enough to outright ruin the show for you.

If you’re looking for a mecha series, you won’t be entirely disappointed, but keep in mind it’s no Gundam. However, on the flip side, even if you don’t like mecha anime, it’s still a fun series to watch for the characters.