Dec 24, 2007
vadeka (All reviews)
hmm.. without spoiling anything, this could be hard to explain..
The story might advance extremely slow at times but I have never felt the need to skip parts(I often skip boring or long parts) You won't have episodes filled with explanations as happens often in anime these days, his isn't an anime where you will have 1001 questions in the beginning(well, you might have 1 or 2 if you're good at noticing the little things)

meh.. its clean, nice, detailed manga style.. You won't find any ugly or messy characters/objects so I think we can say its good.

I don't realy notice sound a lot and the sounds is not perfect but fits in nicely.

You will soon love most of the characters(even the evil one's have their charm)
You learn more about them every now and then, even those backgroundfilling nobody's have some story to them

Enjoyment: I laughed, I was touched and I was never ever frustrated so I think they did a good job on this.

This realy wasn't my type of anime and it does seem enormously girly at first but I ended up watching it anyway because I finished all my other anime already.
At times I was realy moved by how romantic everything was and the other times.. well, I fell off my chair while laughing more than once. Ah my goddess is a unique and wonderfull anime, try it out even if it isn't your type, you might like it anyway.