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Jul 9, 2009
It's very simple and easy to understand, it's far from being complex and it doesn't try to be. Characters are introduced in a battle with minimal background information.
However, the timesetting and some of the elements that appear are a bit odd but they were added to make it look even better. You shouldn't think of this as a historical anime or you won't like it.

I liked the art, it looked nice, and the effects used during combat scenes added an extra touch to it.

Intro and endings were nice and I was never once disturbed by the background music meaning they did a good job. Use read more
Feb 16, 2008
Ok, lets explain my points a bit:
The story is one I hadn't encountered in either manga or anime yet, it keeps on amazing me what happens and it doesn't grow old at all.

You can't get perfect but this is more than good enough.

How the characters unfold is quite something but we still have to see something from quite a few people, so far it has been limited to hikari and kei, while they sometimes talk about a person's past, it always ends up getting connected to hikari or kei(often its both)

It will make you laugh
It will make you say: aaww so cute, aww so nice,..(you read more
Dec 24, 2007
.. not many plots in here and some are realy obvious but zero no tsukaima isn't exactly the kind of anime where serious and complicated plots would fit in.

Its the usual anime.. looks good, can't say much bad about it.

The sound fits realy well and I loved the opening song :)

ah.. this is anime is kinda wierd, first and for all.. don't forget that the main characters have the mentality of 12 year olds(not including the idea of punishment.. you will understand once you've seen louise angry) so.. even if certain things get explained and feelings start to develop.. there never is much of a read more
Dec 24, 2007
hmm.. without spoiling anything, this could be hard to explain..
The story might advance extremely slow at times but I have never felt the need to skip parts(I often skip boring or long parts) You won't have episodes filled with explanations as happens often in anime these days, his isn't an anime where you will have 1001 questions in the beginning(well, you might have 1 or 2 if you're good at noticing the little things)

meh.. its clean, nice, detailed manga style.. You won't find any ugly or messy characters/objects so I think we can say its good.

I don't realy notice sound a lot and the sounds read more