Oct 28, 2014
pokeguy123 (All reviews)
******* NO SPOILERS *******

Little do we know in romance manga that there is not much further development in romance between couples. However asking myself the question we were to be paired up with our other half. It would be great right? Well this review is will be just looking at that one statement.

Knowing this manga was short I wasn't not going to be surprised by the romantic development however as soon I finished the first arc. I knew this was something different, The need for more was always itching at the back of my neck. Even though I finished with the first partners and was very happy with the outcome.

Sore wa Totsuzen Unmei no Aite ga describes the daily of 4 couples bounded by their 'Destiny' thought the coupling system, The writer really knew how to engage in every individual couple by setting a unique story focusing on each one differently. However they are not your average couple situation meetings with comedy and randomness but with a gene assesment that is carried out by a company when you are 14 years old which implements you in the coupling system which help people find their 'perfect' matches that when in love would offspring of great capabilities due to the compatibility of the couples genes.

So every couple you will see in the manga will have a different story to the one before thus making it a fun and intresting way of different types of characterisations and situations you will see between them giving you a sense of accomplishment in every arc. This due to the characters being very funny and audience engaging in their own way. Although each couple have their own way of engaging in the manga but it still boils down to the same setting and place.

From the art style I think is very creative and makes each scenes with the characters more engaging with the audience giving us a feeling we are actually there watching the story between the couples unfold.

Here is a brief summary of the story being unfolded thought the different couples

Yuuchi and Manami
This is an insect coupling that was displayed by the system and to me it was a start of a very funny relationship. It includes an older brother and his younger sister. It is very funny and cute. Their progress in their relationship which makes me laugh so much.

Jun and Mai
A coupling between the school idol a normal teenager (With some background). This arc was more funny and a lot of scenes were classed as being ecchi. The girl (Mai) writes novel which are adult based but she is known as among the best writers which is paired with a odd but very nice guy (Jun)

Nobukui and Muki
This one really was interesting but that might be due to with my intrestes. it includes the daily life of 2 gamers who are coupled which sparks a romantic development between them in the real and virtual world.

Takuya and Shiori
Finally we have a coupling wait for it............. Between 2 cousins both being suprised due to their differences regarding family issues, However they thought by using opportunity they might be able to bring a hault a family issue regarding their parents. In doing so they are getting more attracted to each other by the solving their situation.

Overall this manga is very good in bringing diffrent storys through the same setting but giving us a completly different view of characters who are thrown in these sitituations. This gives the reader a pleasure of enjoying the characters grow and develop in many different ways. I would highly recommend it if you are into Comedy and 'fast' romance (Due to the amount of chapters)