Oct 20, 2014
Mochipan (All reviews)
The only reason I watched and finished Mayo Chiki was for the cross-dressing butler. I actually wish I had skipped all the episodes without her in it because this anime doesn't have much else going for it other than horribly overused harem cliches and ecchies thrown into a huge pile of you know what.

Story 6:
Guy discovers girl's secret. They make agreement to keep secret. They get close. Some other random girls show up. Lots of blushing and more blushing and nosebleeds. Every girl falling for the MC... how original.

Art 9:
The art is pretty impressive honestly. See for yourself.

Sound 8:
Voices and soundtracks were good. No complaints here.

Character 7:
Other than Subaru, I found many of the characters to be obnoxious: annoying little sister, obsessive BL fangirl, physically/verbally abusive tsundere, etc.
I still have to give 7 for this because Subaru is so adorkable, I think she just gave me a cross-dressing fetish.

Enjoyment/Overall 7:
Story overall is pretty uninspiring but Mayo Chiki looks great and there is Subaru.

I would recommend this. At least watch the first 2-3 eps, and if you don't like Subaru, then quit. If you don't like Subaru, then I don't like you, so you probably shouldn't be asking me for anime recommendations anyway.