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Nov 8, 2014
Having just watched half of SAO s1 and thrown it down in raging disgust, I came across Log Horizon and ignored it at first due to its extremely similar synopsis. I finally came back and watched it after seeing some decent reviews. Now that I've seen it, I would like to proclaim Log Horizon to be the salvation of the gaming anime genre!

Art and sound are decent and consistent but the characters and setting of Log Horizon are what makes this series truly amazing.

This series has a diverse cast of utterly lovable characters. Even the supporting characters or the mains who occasionally get sidelined are read more
Oct 29, 2014
I am reviewing TG as a viewer who watched the anime before reading the manga.
I feel TG gets too much criticism especially from manga readers. There are some complaints that I would like to address.

1. They left out a lot of stuff from the manga.
This is partly true especially in the last arc but other than that, things that were left out were mostly nerdy trivia unimportant to the development of the story (explanation of ghoul kagune types, Hide and Kaneki's bromance dinner date, etc).
The only real problem here is the crack-induced pacing of the anime's last arc where a dozen characters were introduced read more
Oct 20, 2014
The only reason I watched and finished Mayo Chiki was for the cross-dressing butler. I actually wish I had skipped all the episodes without her in it because this anime doesn't have much else going for it other than horribly overused harem cliches and ecchies thrown into a huge pile of you know what.

Story 6:
Guy discovers girl's secret. They make agreement to keep secret. They get close. Some other random girls show up. Lots of blushing and more blushing and nosebleeds. Every girl falling for the MC... how original.

Art 9:
The art is pretty impressive honestly. See for yourself.

Sound 8:
Voices and soundtracks were good. read more
Aug 19, 2012
Although I enjoyed Toradora and Anohana, Ano Natsu de Matteru was quite a disappointment.

This show is loaded with romance. It was too much and way too forced. The steps for falling in love for the two main characters mostly involve blushing, stuttering, and getting intimate while having cheesy wet dreams of each other, which became extremely aggravating after a few episodes.

Everyone also seems to like someone else for no apparent reason and are willing to do incredibly stupid and selfless things for them seemingly only for the sake of moving the story along. This detracts from the believability of the situation, so I never read more