Sep 17, 2014
vigorousjammer (All reviews)
This was a pretty interesting OVA.

Despite the lack of any mystery in the story, I still thought this was a pretty interesting one in terms of the characters, and seeing how this what-if scenario plays out is a pretty intriguing concept to begin with, however, there's not really much depth to the actual story.

The main focus really are the characters, which end up feeling similar to their younger selves, but also feel just different enough that you feel like ten years actually have passed. The changes are subtle, but they are there, and it was enough to keep me intrigued throughout.

The art and sound design is about what you'd expect, and is on par with the quality of the TV series in 2009. No surprises here.

Overall, this was an interesting, yet somewhat flawed OVA that had a lot of wasted potential, due to the inconsequential and uneventful nature of the story, but still ultimately ended up being somewhat interesting, especially if you are very interested in these characters.