Jul 19, 2014
FlameTaJaDoru (All reviews)
You know what a mediocre Harem story needs? A sequel that's not mediocre at all, but bad! Like, really bad

That's the case with Infinite Stratos 2. Somehow, that last season was enough to warrant a sequel despite its awfulness.

The good thing is, it builds itself on top of its predecessor. The bad thing is, it builds itself on top of its predecessor.

I'm gonna review this based on the assumption that you people who're reading this have seen the first season. If you live through that, than you just might live through this.

Story - 3/10

With the same setting as the previous season, the story didn't really change much.

This time around, they tried to incorporate more Action. They even have an evil group now! But alas, it was all for naught. Because the evil group didn't really do other things aside from being, well, evil.

That's all that happened really. Bad guys does bad things, then was stopped by the students with personal IS.

But the amount of action is still overshadowed by the FANSERVICE!!!
Really, every episode is some kind of Boob Showroom. It's really annoying

Art - 7/10

Same thing with the previous season too. The new ISes' designs are rather awesome.

Sound - 6/10

Same ol', same ol'

Character - 1/10

Can I rant here a little? Really? Okay here goes...

The characters are so goddamn boring!

Especially Ichika! I know that guy is supposed to be clueless. But the level of his cluelessness this season is so annoying it almost killed me!

I never knew i can get irritated by a character that much...

(Rant over)

The girls didn't really change much.
Although there are two new members to the harem.

They're sisters, Tatenashi and Kanzashi.

Tatenashi, the older one, is the Student Council President and acts like a bigger sister. A perverted one at that. And even though there's literally no reason for her to fall in love with Ichika, she fell for it anyway

Kanzashi, the younger one, hates Ichika at first due to some things. But since he's so nice, she fell for him too.

Because a guy who can accidentaly grab boobs every episode is a nice guy everyone loves.

The enemy characters are mostly boring, except for one, whose name i'm not gonna say. But even then, she didn't even get deve... screw development! They didn't even EXPLAIN, why she's like that. Even by the end of the season, we know nothing about this girl!

So Character-wise, IS2 was a flop

Overall - 4/10

This thing must be crazy popular in Japan, because aside from... well... i can't really think of any good things to set aside.

I don't think this thing is worth to watch, if you like School Life Mecha that much, you can always watch Valvrave.

*shudder*... Valvrave... *shudder*