Apr 23, 2009
Dorothea (All reviews)
The concept behind the show is decent. The difference between an attachment to the world, which is what drives the Corpses, and the more fundamental concept of one's underlying Nature, was good. The constant reminder that the Shikabane Himes are not human beings was a good source of conflict in all the priests' relationships with the himes. Tthe plot never did much with these themes though. Other than one twist at the end, the story was predictable and pretty much a standard monster-fighting show.

The main characters were well designed, the action was pretty good, and it managed to be creepy fairly often. Nothing amazing and I know I've heard plenty of complaints regarding the inconsistent quality, but it took nothing away from the show.

Great soundtrack. One of the best I've encountered in a while. A must have for anyone who like sad instrumental stuff.

The only decent character was the Betrayer Priest, who was a terrific noble villain with the best backstory in the show. Oori was weak and whiny, even in his one climatic ordeal. The little strength he displays at the end had no build up. Makina was annoying; she was just a violent angry chick who did whatever the hell she wanted without consequences. Hokuto was an extremely 1 dimensional villain--powerful and insane. That's fine for a #2, but after 24 eps, the REAL villain really ought to be coherent.

Shows like this are fun because you can watch the hero grow stronger and see how far he's come in the final showdown. Oori really never became anyone interesting though. The demonic cat and insinuations regarding his past gave me some high expectations, but it turned out to be a pretty big letdown.

The show, with its powerful themes, great soundtrack, and promising lead, gives you some big expectations that it doesn't deliver on AT ALL. If you're a guy who wants to watch cute zombie girls with big breasts jump around killing things go for it. But anyone with any kind of standards for plot and character will be disappointed.