Mar 29, 2014
Devastator004 (All reviews)
#Ring A Fing Ding Ding#
or something like that so its been a while since i viewed an anime which i though deserved an honest review so lets get to it

Story so in this we have 3 main protagonist 1st the high school student who thinks and is more or less cursed with a warped fate which he is trying to evade desperately while hurting others as he believes that it will save their lives if they don't come into contact with him and i mean save them from a gory death due to his past encounters. 2nd a working woman in her early 20s who happens to care a great deal about the high school boy I mentioned earlier to the point of sacrificing herself if necessary so basically pure an simple love. last but not least we have our third main girl protagonist who happens to be the same age as the boy protagonist but isn't exactly human but instead is a being who's job is to serve as guardians.

I think any anime fan who has viewed a decent amount of anime already knows what happens next the girl and the boy protagonist form a pact of sort to save the protagonist's life. been there seen that before but never the less from a slow start up point this anime really jumps to an all out action anime but not in the way most anime would do major spoiler the dont read ahead
the guys a wuss cry baby and he does nothing but just stadn there most of the time seeing his partner get beat up really wtf this is more like an anime where the protagonist roles are switched and even with the ending its not what you think my friend its the damned opposite of what should have happened

art its quite descent actually its awesome my reason for rating it 9 is solely based on the story and. the animation were fluid and had been used to perfection to bring out the best in the anime from the color to the fluidity it was very nice.

why people have dissed this anime hell the roles of the protagonist were switched in both the action part of the story and the ending.
i mean all the mainstream anime have one thing in common which is the roles are clearly decided if its an action anime guys got to do something considering he is the protagonist instead of just waste the time standing there like a douche bag seriously man what a fail. i mean if this anime was remade and the guy was doing even half the fighting the gril did i would rate it 10/10 without a doubt i mean if want to watch anime like that i would go see queens blade or something. ok so i am going of topic here so to end it
here i would recommend this anime to all anime fans as its uniqueness will drive yo either crazy or it might just change your point of view on how to rate anime not solely based on the characters.