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Oct 8, 2014
It wasn't bad but I found too many loopholes, so it's not somehting I would recommend to guys but for girls it's pretty good since the mushy stuff is involved.
Overall this is an 8,5 outta 10 - it's not bad, it's a decent rom com (romantic comedy) and it's got its tragedy and drama but that isn't emphasised upon a lot, so it's mainly comedy. About the ending, as a guy, I felt deeply bored and wished that the manga had ended with the couple going out but the story continued which led to events which loosely closed a chance for any sequel. It wasn't read more
Mar 29, 2014
#Ring A Fing Ding Ding#
or something like that so its been a while since i viewed an anime which i though deserved an honest review so lets get to it

Story so in this we have 3 main protagonist 1st the high school student who thinks and is more or less cursed with a warped fate which he is trying to evade desperately while hurting others as he believes that it will save their lives if they don't come into contact with him and i mean save them from a gory death due to his past encounters. 2nd a working woman in read more
Dec 19, 2013
Just to clarify this anime has more action scenes than it has romance so its nothing like the american movie twilight at first I thought so than it hit me it is much better and likeable I mean vampires are known for sucking blood with out it they may as well humans with a long life rrriiiggghhhttt

Ok so at the first glance my first thought was lollycon alert
I mean an almost naked barbie doll definitely some thing isn't right here. but since I enjoyed shows with vampire I decided to watch it and despite what some have to say I think in terms of read more
Aug 19, 2013
How shall i put it i know just when you think anime and manga which are mainly popular have got to be about action, adventure, mystery and etc.
however every once in a while there comes a anime which just makes you reevaluate o how you see anime as a whole

this anime is just that comedy and with extremely interesting yet bizarre plot katsuragi a normal teen in his 15,16 17 so basically a normal high school kid who loves girls but not in the real world as he sees them to be just annoying he loves dating sims and the girls read more
Apr 30, 2013
spoiler alert this anime is not appropriate for kids only teens and above view this actually horny teens and above wood be better suited to this full on hentai anime. this is more like a different sex scenarios with little story which makes no sense at all.

not worth watching for those who view anime for action or romance if that either of your choice.

this can be described as a one unique anime overall watch it if you are interested in something different from your casual anime.
Apr 6, 2013
this is some what of a sad story.

there are no dull scenes through out the anime.

this may be one the most realistic anime besides the part of dimension travel and the technology used other than that it just shows human nature in its purest form.

where there is evil there will always be good force working to stop it.

yeah right that may be the case in the end but during this commotion even the the nicest people will show there true colors rather than die or be forced against there will

in this case however this anime tries to Contradict this fact read more
Mar 25, 2013
OMG what an anime to watch
just when I thought that I knew which girl he picks a new story takes place out of no where.

this anomie has more then just harem it has some psychological horror shit that make this anime on a whole new level of entertainment.
after 12 episodes this is not for light hearted people to watch.

the ending is all right not too shady

over all my opinion an interesting anime must watch I bet you can not find an anime like this which has not only one type of story going for it.