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Kurokami The Animation

Alternative Titles

English: Kurokami The Animation
Synonyms: Kurokami, Kurogami, Kuro Kami, Dark God
Japanese: 黒神 The Animation


Type: TV
Episodes: 23
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 9, 2009 to Jun 19, 2009
Premiered: Winter 2009
Broadcast: Fridays at 02:40 (JST)
Studios: Sunrise
Source: Manga
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.221 (scored by 35,495 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #28582
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1075
Members: 96,172
Favorites: 307


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Sep 16, 2009
Archaeon (All reviews)
I "love" it when an anime tries to ask deeply philosophical and ethical questions, only to answer them with fists, feet, and super powers. Personally I find it annoying when characters claim that they can overcome things like God, Fate, Destiny, Karma, etc, with nothing more than willpower and a kickass partner (since the main character so often is a complete novice in combat, or has no redeeming qualities whatsoever).

Enter then Kurokami, as a shining example of these things at work.

Now, when I started watching this I had no idea that Kurokami was originally a manga Sung-Woo Park (illustrator), and Dal-Young Im (story), and to read more
Jun 24, 2009
Retro8bit (All reviews)
"Can you change a destiny that has already been written for you?"

Enter "Kurokami", a series that shows the struggle of two individuals, as they attempt to change their own path that others say can not be changed.

Story: 7/10
The center of the plot revolves around "the Dopleliner System". What this means is there exists three versions of the same person (2 subs and 1 root). Should any one of these three come in plain sight of the other, they will perish, and only the root will live, and thus will consume the energy force of them known as tera. Our main heroes are Kuro (a Tera read more
Jul 3, 2009
Dredgy (All reviews)
“Power to achieve something”

The Story…

It revolves on a system that we called “Doppeliner System”. The story tells about the involvement of the three main characters, which is Kuro, Keita, and Akane. They are somewhat confused on this system and willing to find out the real main reason why this system exists, making it as an obligation as they put their life in danger or helping others to find out the cure to its existence.

The point of view here is not the twist of the story rather the main attraction here will be the action / super power scenes. It gives excitement and thrill but on read more
Mar 29, 2014
Devastator004 (All reviews)
#Ring A Fing Ding Ding#
or something like that so its been a while since i viewed an anime which i though deserved an honest review so lets get to it

Story so in this we have 3 main protagonist 1st the high school student who thinks and is more or less cursed with a warped fate which he is trying to evade desperately while hurting others as he believes that it will save their lives if they don't come into contact with him and i mean save them from a gory death due to his past encounters. 2nd a working woman in read more
Jan 24, 2012
Lina-chan87 (All reviews)
EXCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!! Kurokami will be sure to knock your socks off!

Kurokami is an action-packed, adventure-filled, life-changing anime. From awesome storyline to kick-ass characters ( Kuro ftw. xD ), you could never go wrong with watching Kurokami.

The audio and art effects are PURE GENIUS. Voice acting was a complete WONDER (Japanese VA). The plot twists take your breath away as the characters go through every corner of the story.

Is it just me or is the fact that how the main character always goes to eats noodles funny?

Anyway, Kurokami was one of my favourites and I'm sure that you'll love it too.

Aug 5, 2009
gravedigger (All reviews)
Kurokami is .... one of the most irritating and confusing animes I've seen so far . The reason why is that, I'll tell later.

Before continuing with the story , a few things need to be explained (that'll be important for the story). People and Mototsumitama coexist together. Mototsumitama are people with super natural powers, and to gain even more power they need to form a contract with humans. Also, there are 3 identical copies of every human being (one root and two subs). That's the so called "Doppeliner System". If a subs meet his root, his live energy (aka Terra) will be sucked by the read more
Sep 27, 2010
Hysvear (All reviews)
Speaking from episode 16, i felt that this anime needed another perspective.

What I Like:
I like the entire "Partner" ideal, and how the characters develop as the story goes along. It is similar to other anime such as Shakugan no Shana, Fate Stay Night, and Pandora Hearts, but it has own originality, suspense, fighting, and story.
What i dislike:
It has some overused anime cliche's when dealing with the romance, and the "Weak guy" + "Awesome girl" setup similar to the anime i listed above.(I wouldn't mind the character setup as much, as long as the weak guy learns to fight as read more
Jun 5, 2012
sashimee-kenna (All reviews)
the story line of kurokami for me is simply beautifully written and animated. it epic and those who liked fate stay night might enjoy watching kurokami as they show some similarities about the character protagonist. also a contract is form between human and super being but in kurokami not with a Ancient Champion but a super Race.

at first the story may seems slow but its worth the wait. As to me the sequence of the story being told was simply heighten my curiosity in proceeding to the next episodes.

Nov 14, 2009
ichirako (All reviews)
this is my first time to write a review of an anime and i didn't know why i picked kuro kami. so where should i start? hmm.. basically, kuro kami is about someone who was brave enough to change their fate. this was the story of ibuki keita who tried to be indifferent to the people around him because he thinks that he could affect their fates which lead them to death. until he met kuro.. a mototsumitama. he then became aware of 'doppeliners' (doppelgangers) and 'terra' (could be explained as energy or ki in simple terms). at the verge of his death, kuro made read more
Jun 6, 2009
rusty400 (All reviews)
I thought in the beginning this anime would be pretty good but the further I progressed into this storyline i realized that this was just another cookie-cutter program. He dies then miraculously comes back to life multiple times. the bad guy dies without a doube then somehow comes back to life. this is stupid after a while. this isn't even creative at this point. It's a paycheck. I'm only watching this one now because I've come so far in the story I want to see what the stupid ending is. I've seen a lost of anime at this read more
Oct 12, 2010
NoblesseOblige3 (All reviews)
The story of Kurokami revolves around our two central protagonists on a journey to exact revenge on the antagonist, so basically at the start Kuro creates a pact with Keita and they search out Kuro's brother who committed a crime in 'there world.' The show introduces the Doppeliner System, the basis behind it is that there are three of 'you' out there in the world and if you happen to have eye contact with one of them you will die (unless your the root.) Its a different take on a Doppelgänger which has been popular in fiction.

I found with this show there was barely read more
Jun 25, 2009
Diazt3r (All reviews)
What can i say the doppeliner system was the first thing that kept me interested. The art style was superb. It reminded me of Dark than Black and Shakugan no Shana, which were excellent animes fyi :). The opening sympathizer also became one of my favorites. There were some twists that I couldn't predict, but it was effective when it occurred. These twists really rekindled my interest (when i was starting to lose interest in the middle >_>) in the anime in a big way. The only beef i had with this anime was the repetitive battles and transformations.

(i am basing read more
Mar 26, 2011
TauntingBeat (All reviews)
I was really disappointed with Kurokami. The first 12 episodes were pretty decent, but as the anime dragged on it became harder and harder to watch.

A lot of the fights don't make any real sense. The contractees are acting as a battery to the Mototsumitamas, but they are hardly ever attacked.

The characters are probably what killed it the most for me. Kuro was awesome, and by far my favorite character of the show. Keita was a lot more interesting at the beginning, but somewhere along the line he becomes so bland that I wanted to shoot him. I think that a main character death, read more
Jan 10, 2011
damagegirl (All reviews)
Kurokami is one of those many animes that would have done a lot better had it been given more episodes. For the depth of the story that is told, I would say about 75 episodes are needed. As it is, the series stands very well by itself.

The show takes place in a world in which there are three of every person- a Root and two Subs. The Doppeliner System favors the Roots, in that they have the majority of the luck in life. If a Sub were ever to meet their corresponding Sub or Root, that person would die. People called Mototsumita are charged with read more
Dec 15, 2013
Sidholun (All reviews)
This review contain minor spoilers.

Story 8/10
I'm not going to write much about story, because it's synopsis is easy to find. Story revolves around Ibuki Keita, school boy, who lost his mother when he was very young.Then he decided to alienate himself from the people. Of course after a certain point in the story he is going to change, but nevermind that.
Overall story is enjoyable, but much worse than in it's manga counterpart.And it's biggest flaw is ending,but i'm going to return to this topic later.
Art 10/10
Kurokami biggest advantage is surely art style.
Background is detailed, characters are well designed. Fight scenes are mind blowing - read more
Aug 24, 2014
ZgodKnight (All reviews)
I've seen 9 episodes so far, but that should be enough to point out major problems with this anime. You really need to turn your brain off before watching this. The main character is unbearable since he is not acting like a normal human. As far as i can tell, the anime will continue like this: they meet the enemies->enemies kick their asses-> they power up and kick the enemies' asses->they meet stronger enemies. Major flaws: during battle why would you target a much stronger opponent when her partner is right their asking for it? Why would you fight the enemies of your enemies, read more
Oct 17, 2013
sr467 (All reviews)
WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS: First and foremost, for the action scenes. The fights consist primarily of well-choreographed hand-to-hand, with the flashy special attacks mixed in rather than dominant. Coupled with the two-on-two setup, this makes for plenty of exciting battles. Clearly this is Kurokami's strong point, enhanced by strong animation and the rock-style soundtrack. Also, though none of the characters could claim to be deep or complex, the main pair is a refreshing change from the contract mold. Kuro is not a seasoned vet, but rather wet-behind-the-ears with only her training to go on. And though Keita does threaten to be a typical whiny read more
Jan 25, 2012
moon_jammer (All reviews)
This is my first review here, so please bear with me!

Kurokami is about "Kuro", a mototsumitama and her human contractee Keita. They journey together to Okinawa to defeat Kuro's brother who abusing the dopperliner system. This system means that in the world there are 3 copies of the same person. If you see your doppelganger you will die. It gets a tad more complicated but I wouldn't want to ruin the story for you guys so ill stop there!


I found the story really unique and interesting. There is one thing Kuro and Keita wish to do during the entire series, their main goal is to read more
Dec 8, 2017
Slivko (All reviews)
So this anime is actually better then what I was expecting. The animation reminded me of One Punch Man specifically the fighting scenes wich surprised me, because the main reason I watched this was cause I watched a tiny clip on youtube. Like all the animes I watch that have been out for awhile. The story sparked my interest in the beggining and then the theme of Doppelganger and the psychological factor as well when people died out of nowhere turns a bit emotional and makes you a little sentimental towards our MC (cause literally everyone one around him just dies out of nowhere).

Dont know read more
Jan 9, 2015
femto999 (All reviews)
It really bugs me when a very good story is ruined for various reasons. Unfortunately Kurokami has the same problem. It had a really interesting main-concept but the plot got butchered right after te second episode. This happenns because with such a complexity that a thing like doppeliners has the story could have countless twists and turns but instead of that the writters seemed like they wanted to get everything the easiest way possible. So we have a very complicated plot that could be amazing made into a really mediocre story. I believe this was mainly because of the huge changes that the writters of read more