Dec 22, 2013
Dalek-kun (All reviews)
When I first watched this anime, I was a little disappointed. The story line was somewhat predictable and hard to follow in some places. The characters were had very little depth and were not very likable at all. The animation was jerky and overloaded with flashy visual effects. So this may not be the best anime ever, but it wasn't that dreadful.
In spite of being poorly-written and incredibly cheesy, I actually thought that this anime was actually pretty funny. In fact, it's one of the funniest shows I've seen in my life! Some scenes in here are just flat out pee your pants funny. What it lacks in story line and character development it makes up for in comedy.
So it may not be a masterpiece, but if you're craving something funny to watch, look no further than Kannazuki No Miko!