Dec 4, 2013
redmoon_wolf (All reviews)
So, if you're thinking about Zoids New Century Zero hopefully this will help you decide. I have only watched Century Zero all the way through, and only the first few episodes of the original. You do not need to watch the others to understand this one. The story is easy to follow. But the thing is, is that it's more for people who want to watch cool battles between giant robot animals controlled by skilled pilots. The dialogue is fairly good, but it gets a bit silly and/or dry at times. But that isn't the purpose of this show. This show is meant to showcase how awesome the Zoids are. It revolves around team battles, and it's kind of like a buffed up version of Pokemon. If you want a version of this that focuses more on character storylines, I suggest watching the original.

But with that being said, I actually really like the main character plot-line with Bit Cloud. I can tell you that you are most likely going to like him best, which is good since he's the main character. You might find the other characters charming in their own ways, or you might not. But that's not why you should watch this show.

If you're going to watch it, it's for the awesome action scenes. And if the idea of giant, piloted, pokemon-like machines with customized weapons battling each other (usually on teams) sounds cool to you, you're probably going to enjoy watching New Century Zero. And I don't want to give anything away, but the main Zoid in this show is pretty epic.