Jan 25, 2009
SilentMuse (All reviews)
Death Note meets Gundam Wing. Nonetheless, the fusion between the two animes can only underestimate the greatness that is Code Geass. Yes, this series is jammed-packed with attractive characters, battle scenes, bloodshed, slight romance, and even a little supernatural dose to add to a stereotypical anime. However, Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion is not as stereotypical as it may seemed at first glance.

~[S T O R Y]~ [9]

Initially, I became attracted to the series through the hyperactive fandom that has spread vastly throughout the world of the internet. Only then did I realize that I could not longer resist watching this show. Indeed, I had my doubts that it would've been a lame rip off of Death Note meets Gundam Wing. Little did I know how wrong I was. A conspiracy between governments, rebellion and anarchy, advanced technology that may be deemed impossible to ever exist in our world, the raw emotion that bounces from one character to another, a small dosage of supernaturality that does little to ruin the storyplot...Code Geass has done well. Breathtaking twists are evident in the series to an extent where the viewer can be grateful that no supernatural assistance was needed. The story flowed as smooth as water. There was not one moment where I felt bored or even regretted watching the series. Even the use of chess metaphors and mythological analogies made the storyplot more interesting. Indeed the show was nothing but a game. Everyone was played. The characters, the world...even the viewers' minds were played! But that was what made Code Geass interesting. It kept us guessing on purpose, like we were part of the game all along!

~[A R T]~ [8]

The reason why I did not give the Art section the same mark as the other categories was the opening theme. It literally used the same animation profusely except it just switched the order of clips around. Every other manga at least alters the opening theme thoroughly until it does not meet its previous ones. But the opening theme appeared as though it were low-budget, like the creators were procrastinating on changing the opening theme a few times and decided to alter it a little by adding in new clips which introduced new characters we would be acquainted with later on in the series. Other than that, everything else about the art was quite intriguing. The paintings in the museum were a little ostentious but in a nice, presentable manner. The essence of CLAMP was illuminated in the character designs, but it did not change the great appeal of each character's personality. The emotions expressed were drawn well. You could taste the insanity radiating off of Nina's face and the hatred off of Suzaku's face. Well done indeed.

~[S O U N D]~ [9]

The scores for the anime's soundtrack was fitting for every scene. We could slight feel the suspense, the nostalgia, and even the burning hatred through the music selected on different scenes of the show. The action sounds were not cheesy. The dramatic sounds were ones to not laugh at. Truly the musical scores lived up to the rank I have given them.

~[C H A R A C T E R]~ [9]

It's understandable how attractive protagonists would surely attract more fans. But I did not fall under Lelouch's apparent spell. Yet I can say that I was bewitched by his hunger for superiority, not to mention locked in the mystery of his past and his intentions. A young, masked vigilante holding the fate of Britannia and Japan in the palm of his hand? It may sound overrated, but his techniques cannot be explained in words. All of the characters left my mind boggled: how do they feel about this situation? what are they going to do? Throughout the series, it felt as though I was able to understand every character and his or her motive. Furthermore, the dramatic scenes displaying the raw emotion reciprocated between different characters was surely not ones to miss. The development was beautifully done. At times even a viewer can sense the vulnerability, the cravings, the sorrow, and the power to know and conquer in each and every character. I applaud with joy.

~[E N J O Y M E N T & O V E R A L L]~ [9]

This series should not be underestimated. Do not judge a book by its cover here. The only way an anime like this could be altered is through the observation of biased fandoms. Before reading reviews or hearing the opinions of others, be sure to examine the series first before considering anything else. For I assure you reader that, unless you prefer some ecchi delight or dull storylines, you won't be disappointed. This series teaches a valuable lesson: that we live to fight for something, and how we fight gives everyone around us a sense of who we are. So be careful what you fight for, for you will be one's hero and another's enemy. :]