Oct 22, 2013
Hikari1414 (All reviews)
Pika Ichi is about two students Torau and Hanako who see the corruption in a school they love and their high sense of honor and justice makes them band together to help reform the school.

Story: 8
This story has some cliches like the elite school with arrogant elitist students is hardly a road untraveled, but the way it is portrayed is done in a non conventional way in that even though it's a shoujo manga it has a slightly shonen edge that really sets it apart from other series. You get all the perks of shoujo (Romance, school life, comedy, etc.) with the added edge of the action and principle of shoennen.

Art: 10
The art is very striking it has a very strong edge to it that often just slaps me in the face when I turn the page it goes kinda like this... reading, reading, tooooo much beauty OW!

Character: 10
The characters in this book have only one cliche they have the sudden transformation from unnoticeable to strikingly beautiful cliche but being as its done in a truly BA way it can hardly be held against them. The main characters have a sense of honor and justice that you usually only find in shonen because characters in shoujo make a lot of their decisions based off of emotions rather than principle so having this rational equally strong pairing was very refreshing.

Enjoyment 10
This manga is very enjoyable. I had plenty of HA HA, AAAAAHHH, and THATS RIGHT moments while reading this manga. its just a fun adventure to read.

Overall 10
Every aspect of this manga was well done. Its unique edge sets it apart from the crowd and makes it a refreshing and fun read. I'm definitely going to keep reading the chapters as they come out and enjoy each one.