Jan 7, 2009
Ilyaoh (All reviews)
I had never heard of this title before, I downloaded it, but when I saw the actual name, (and noticed it was an 1 episode OVA), I thought it would be a hentai. But it isn't, although there's nudity in it (top only).

The art is pretty normal, looks like the old basic art anime had at that time, although the animation involving the nudity was like it should be in reality, (looked smoother tho'), they did a better job on it then most of the good hentai's do, that was kinda ironic, bu...t yet funny.

The story is cool too, yet, old. Our heroïn helps a stranger and brings her to her base (She's a pet hunter). And the enemy's who are after the one that was in trouble find out the base/hiding place and come to get her, after almost dying, they decide to actually take it up against the (corrupt) military force, and all her comrades help. Basic neh?

The sound's really good for that time, everything sounds realistic, the characters are cool too, we got a (little bit) thickheaded heroïn, who doesn't know when to quit, an old companion, a dead father (who's became a legacy in the pet hunter world), the one who's in love with the lead character, the pervert, the person who we doubt (if he will stay on the good side), and the person in need of rescue.

Other characters are basic too, an evil guy who has an army under his control, he wears a suit which makes him all-powerful, he's sick in his mind too, and the look-a-like henchmen of his.

It's enjoyable, it doesn't take long, that's too bad, they could've at least made several episodes, but the way they put it together in just one episode is really cool too, we get fast introductions and flashbacks, which doesn't bother cause it happened good and all the event happen fast, but again in a good way.