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Apr 28, 2010
Preliminary (50/142 eps)
Mainichi Kaa-san is an anime based on the mangaka's real life, although there's (of course) also a lot of fiction in it.

The series offers a good laugh here and there and sometimes it's just sad to watch because you can symphatize with the main character so much.

A drunk husband, two stupid and annoying kids and a housemother who despises them (yet loves them more then anything else), who wouldn't want to watch that?

The series is easy to get into, each anime episode has short stories about laughable situations. The main focus is the mother, who tries to become a mangaka while taking care of ...
Jan 8, 2009
Edit: I got several PMs, that I gave this ONA a TOO GOOD rating because I'm a Sega/Sonic fanboy. But let me say this: I. AM. NOT. A. FANBOY. I despise Sega and I don't like Sonic, so the good rating it actually... cause it's good.

the story isn't that much, everything else actually impressed me.

The story starts off with two kids going into a haunted mansion, when out of nowhere, two ghosts scare the shit out of them and take a photograph of their scared expressions, this to please a fellow female ghost who likes photographs of scared people/things. Quickly followed by Sonic and his ...
Jan 8, 2009
Samurai Gun (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Guns were used in that era, so the idea isn't that original, since it's the same, just using more modern guns.

There's a story going on in the background, namely; The family of the main character got killed and he's out for revenge, sort of, he doesn't want to kill, yet, he want's to kill the guy who did it. Besides that, story's go from episode to episode, which are all just as unintresting as a shaved armpit.

The art's good, there's some major quality loss in good animated scene's, or just scenes which are done too quick (I presume). The sound's good, at first, you ...
Jan 8, 2009
Mixed Feelings
There's a decent story in this OVA, at least, for Air Gear, it's just about another battle for territory and the things related to it, like gaining a rank.

But .. it really doesn't develop, they get there, make an appointment, and do the battle. This happens in 3 parts in the OVA, in the beginning, middle and end, which takes up to barely 5 minutes al together. The art's pretty fair, it's not as good as it should be, and there are a lot of flaws, both in the art and animation section.

Saying that, the animation isn't that much, there's some stop-motion, a lot op ...
Jan 7, 2009
There's not much of a story here, the Principal and Saito find a chest full of beachwear, bikini's and swimsuits. After Saito explained what these were for, the Principal dismissed the original summerschool trip and made a new one, to the ocean. Then, fooling all the students and the princess and her bodyguard, letting them believe, that clothing is for rituals (like volleyball, and watermelon bashing >_> ) to please the God of Water (or something like that). Of course, it's starts with beachwear and swimsuits, it goes to bikini's and last but not least, swimsuits excisting out only three seashells (which is worn by ...
Jan 7, 2009
This was a pretty intresting story, someone makes up a cute program, which gets infected by the bad Digimon etc, so all the electronic things go into mayhem. Haha, too bad no one died.

Anyway, the story's pretty cool, they did a good job on it in this Digimon Tamers movie, a great job actually. The art is still the same, the quality's just a bit better, so is the animation and the sound, still gotta love Guilmon's voice actor right?

The dissapointing parts of the mo...vies are the fights in the movies, they can barely defeat the weak Digimon, evolve way to easy and if they ...
Jan 7, 2009
I'm someone who can enjoy romance and drama manga's (and anime's of course).

So I enjoyed this too, I found out that there was a manga (more actually, even an anime and several drama's). of a true story, so something that actually happened.

When I found out it was this story, I was suprised, that it was a romance, and not a warstory, or some kind of crazy deranged drama. But it was a nice suprise, this is about a guy, a "Otaku", who "saves" this ...woman from being harassed by a drunkard in the train, they exchange some information and keep narrowly contact with each other.

This ...
Jan 7, 2009

A brilliant story, and the system which the murderer uses in amazing, the story itself is good then too, and the plot isn't what you think it is. A cool story, with a second story in it, a piece of Mouri and Ran's past, I gained alot of respect for Mouri through this (and the first) movie. I see this character in a (almost) new light.

Same ol' characters, just as usual good, we get a look at a piece of Mouri's and Ran past, which made me see Mouri in a new light, a better light, the new introduced characters, the old villian, the ...
Jan 7, 2009
I found the title intresting, so I decided to watch it, that it was a pretty unusual story is figured, occuring to the title.

So, a Dream Sphere Dealer and his Dream Sphere Creator (which is a ugly rat who poops out the sphere's.) find that this girl, the lead character takes life way to serieus, so they decide to pay her a visit and let her go through some various dreams she can have thanks to the sphere's.

That's actually the story, how it goes. Naho has a lot of ...doubts about things in her life, about her baby brother, the way she thinks of her ...
Jan 7, 2009
Buzzer Beater (Anime) add
Buzzer Beater, a Basketball anime, I love basketball, never thought this anime would work, the first time I saw it, I shared that opinion, the second time too, but now I've watched it for the first time I really enjoyed it.

So it's about Basketball, intergalactic basketball that is. Which is a pretty cool idea, if they used basketball like it would be in real life, it would've been just as good as now, but perhaps the intergalactic part brings the anime more out to the public, sin...ce it's something special.

I really enjoyed the characters, the main character is like most shonen-kids, loud, irritating and cocky, ...

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