Jan 7, 2009
Ilyaoh (All reviews)

A brilliant story, and the system which the murderer uses in amazing, the story itself is good then too, and the plot isn't what you think it is. A cool story, with a second story in it, a piece of Mouri and Ran's past, I gained alot of respect for Mouri through this (and the first) movie. I see this character in a (almost) new light.

Same ol' characters, just as usual good, we get a look at a piece of Mouri's and Ran past, which made me see Mouri in a new light, a better light, the new introduced characters, the old villian, the victims and the murderer are great, all are different, yet the same in a way, and without knowing it (most of them) bear a relationship with each other. Magnificent!

It all begins with Ran having a nightmare, where her father shoots her mother. This actually happened, he only grazed her. Now, 10 years later, Ran tries to find out, why did he shoot the kidnapper, if he knows, he could've killed his own wife? This is the sidestory for this movie.

The real story is how a murderer takes out (or tries to take out) 13 people which are related to Det.Mouri, by playing a smart death-system via cards and numbers. As soon as injuries become murders, our... police team, Mouri and Conan get angered and try to find out who the murderer is, and why he's doing it. It all folds together in the end, with most of the (chosen) victims in one place, this is where the mainplot folds out. At the ending of the movie itself, the reasoning from the past (where Mouri shot his wife) comes to place, when it's happening again, (this time of course with Ran and Conan).

The art's good, so is the animation, sometimes the animation is really smooth and lovely, sometimes it's just normal animation. But they did a good job.