Apr 28, 2010
Ilyaoh (All reviews)
Mainichi Kaa-san is an anime based on the mangaka's real life, although there's (of course) also a lot of fiction in it.

The series offers a good laugh here and there and sometimes it's just sad to watch because you can symphatize with the main character so much.

A drunk husband, two stupid and annoying kids and a housemother who despises them (yet loves them more then anything else), who wouldn't want to watch that?

The series is easy to get into, each anime episode has short stories about laughable situations. The main focus is the mother, who tries to become a mangaka while taking care of her kids and (stupid) husband, not everything goes smoothly as her work often gets interrupted, ruined or she doesn't do anything due to a writer's block.

The art is also one of the good things of this series, the style it's done in really gets the humor out of it, it's perfect for facial jokes, angry scenes and of course for the cute and cuddly scenes when everyone makes up.

About the sound, I normally don't talk a lot about it, not that it's any different now. The opening song fits the series greatly and so does the ending. Both are fun to listen and watch. The voice-actors do a good job and there's nothing wrong with the background music.

In short, it's an anime series, basically for everyone who enjoys a good laugh or simply likes anime without the great plots, character development etc.