Aug 4, 2013
DrAgNmAsTr (All reviews)
Honestly this is more of an adult anime rather than a hentai. I do like the ones that don't hold back on how they want to bring their story out. For this, its basically all story with maybe 10-20% hentai. Any scenes that they have do not last longer than a minute and they "conveniently censor" almost all their bottom parts. You also never see any cum in this, I think only one guy was able to make it because they all die before that lol. So as a hentai, it fails.
The Story started out well meeting a new rival and all, but it never really progressed until the end. For the most part, she's a mystery, and the way the plot folds out in the end really is not satisying. I did like having the excuse of them doing it with someone before killing them though. The only way this could've been a hentai hehe. Blood and gore everywhere! They just let that all free too, WithOut the censorship.
I had expectations, but got disappointed. Not too bad but I'd rather watch Basilisk for a story and Taimanin Asagi for a hentai.