Dec 22, 2008
Mugiwara-Pyon (All reviews)
Im afraid that im a FMA fan alright a 10 for everything becos im just mad haha

Story: well if i were to tell u the story line u wudnt see the end of this review so ill just make it short and simple for those that have not read this before.Basically its about alchemy where u will have to draw a transmutation circle to perform renkinjutsu(alchemy) . The 2 main characters , Edward Elric know as Ed and Alphonse Elric known as Al ..these 2 are pretty popular and famous and are known as the elric kyoudai (elric brothers) . I think that they are geniuses as they are very good at alchemy at a young age..they were able to read and understand the laws of alchemy which would probably be quite difficult for a child . This story in short is about alchemy,these 2 brothers and in many action shounen manga/anime there will definetely be villains . The main villains in these stories are the seven sins Lust,Gluttony,Envy,Wrath,Sloth,Greed and Pride you will come to find that they are Homunculus which is a human being created by a man known as "Father". Father has some big evil plan up his sleeves which could end in the death of a whole country known as Amestris in the world of fullmetal alchemist. The only way to find out what his plan is u have to read it for yourself. I recomend u to give this comedy,shounen,action,adventure manga a chance and u definetely wont regret it hehe. it reli makes u laugh :D

Art: As for the art i think that its pretty good and detailed . The authors creativity is brilliant and that goes along with the weird expressions Ed and Al makes in the manga(seriously hilarious)

Character : You will really come to love the characters in this will love their personalities and characteristics my favourite would have to be Edward and Roy Mustang and i know u prolly will love them too..

Enjoyment : i have to say i really enjoyed reading this manga and i cant wait for the next chapter to be released becos rite now its still on going so i have to wait :3

soo over all i have to say its an awesome manga full of laughter and if ur a sensitive person maybe even tears..but you will come to really love this manga..hope that my review was helpful! enjoy reading the manga ! have a nice day :D