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Jan 19, 2010
As usual Chi will always bring a smile across your face.Chi who is still as mischievous as ever finds trouble and makes new friends.

The art of an anime is never the first thing you should look for because eventhough this anime has a very simple art style it never fails to make me smile

Chi who is still young and naive misjudge things and panics all the adorable eh

the ending made me cry i wont tell u whether i did it out of happiness but i cried...i was so touched in a way...i couldnt stop the tears...i love this anime :)...

give it a shot if read more
Dec 25, 2009
Kids anime? Based on my opinion as a 15 year old im against the fact that this is kids anime. At a first glance it doesnt seem all that scary,but i was mistaken.When i watched the first episode, it pretty much creeped me out so i watched the next and then the next and the next and the next.
Each episode is split into 3 sections.The two stories will be about ako and weird phenomenons that happen to her and her friends.The 3rd part will be aghost story told by ako and her friends.
Some may just be a little weird and creepy but to be honest read more
Jan 1, 2009
This anime takes place in a small town called Hinamizawa .Where this boy , Maebara Keiichi moves to this town not knowing the events that has happened before he moved to this small town but soon he'll come to know the terrifying secrets of Hinamizawa as he makes friends with Ryuugu Rena, Furude Rika,Houjo Satoko, Sonozaki Mion .Actually my sis recommended me this anime explaining it to me that its a really bloody gore kind of anime so i thought id watch it since it sounds interesting but when i was watching it , i was thinking..ok?? wow ?? such cute looking characters how can read more
Jan 1, 2009
This is a gore anime with nudity which mainly focuses on women who have horns growing out of their skull..they were born like this and by the age of 2 most wud have a killing instinct and wud have the power to do so freely . They have a number of four invisible arms at connected to their backs..these arms have super strength and a powerful cutting ability which makes them possible to even rip off someones body in half , they can also block bullets and such. The length of these arms are at a random length of 2meters to 10m but there is read more
Jan 1, 2009
This is some kind of weird funky kind of anime which somehow takes place in the future where these 2 people , pandy and retro who wakes up naked in this deserted place near a city and they have no recollection or memory of what happened before they woke up in that place. Both of them team up together to get some clothes food and such and become wanted criminals in that city and resulted in them getting caught and brought to an infamous prison going by the name of dead leaves where escape is impossible.Its full of gore killing , bloody scenes along with read more
Dec 31, 2008
This is an everyday high school life kind of anime.The two main characters Taiga and Ryuuji.Both of them help each other to win the hearts of the person they admire..The girl ryuuji admires is minori who is the best friend of taiga and the guy Taiga likes is Ryuji's best friend.I've only watched 11 episodes so i cant explain much but basically its just a typical high school life with some problems here and there

Art: Its art is pretty unique.I find Taiga unique as i dun see characters drawn like her very often.Same goes for ryuuji..The thing i like about this art is that its read more
Dec 30, 2008
This story mainly focuses on mafia! where Sawada Tsunayoshi known as Sawada or Tsuna is the next boss of the Vongola Family's 10th generation,the Vongola family is the strongest mafia family in the world.Tsuna is a total failure,a wimp,seriously and honestly weak, and when i first saw him in the first 10 to 20 episodes i thought he was just pathetic! PATHETIC! weak and PATHETIC! and im like saying to myself " omg how can this wimp be the next boss of the strongest mafia family in the world! just impossible..hes a failure in school with failing grades , he cant fight , cant play read more
Dec 22, 2008
Im afraid that im a FMA fan alright a 10 for everything becos im just mad haha

Story: well if i were to tell u the story line u wudnt see the end of this review so ill just make it short and simple for those that have not read this before.Basically its about alchemy where u will have to draw a transmutation circle to perform renkinjutsu(alchemy) . The 2 main characters , Edward Elric know as Ed and Alphonse Elric known as Al ..these 2 are pretty popular and famous and are known as the elric kyoudai (elric brothers) . I think that they are read more
Dec 22, 2008
Story: A high school life of 2 retards haha...a guy and a girl, the guy is a yankee whos rough,skips classes and stuff like that..the girl is the class president with glasses .A common scene is when the yankee is in the toilet at school doing his business and the girl(megane-chan) will peek from the top of the stall and blurt out something that she wants or needs. Megane(the girl with glasses) turns out to be something i did not expect at all..expect the unexpected haha ..its a high school life of yankees and gangsters and more :D

Art: the art is pretty good i read more
Oct 17, 2008
Story: Yagami Light finds a death note (which looks like a note book) lying on the ground and he picks up and discovers the truth of the death note.When u write a persons name in it they will die in 40 secs of a heart attack if their death is not written in detail. Light is a genius and his plans and plots to "eliminate" evil are just perfect..the way he plans on how to use the note book even when "L" who is this detective person(and is also a genius) is on his back suspecting that hes the one behind all the strange heart read more