Dec 3, 2008
spikesreign (All reviews)
So I'm going to make this as short and sweet as possible.

First off I watch mostly the newly English dubbed version, except for a few episodes in Japanese but quickly switched back, so that's the version I'm going to based this review off of that version. First off, this is one of the funniest animes that I've had the chance to watch so far, mainly because they used foul language without any fear of censorship. This cruel slap-stick kind of humor kept me pretty enthralled in the plot, for about the first three episodes.

For the plot, it starts out pretty fast, slows down until about the last four or five episodes, and then goes forward to a half-baked ending that will leave you scratching your head for a while. The only thing that I could do was take the plot with a spoon of sugar and remember that I made me laugh a whole lot.

Overall, if you're looking for a fun anime to watch that you don't have to put any thought into or pay attention to plot, this would be the perfect anime for you. If not, just watch the dub and remember that laughter is the best form of medicine, so just keep on smiling all the way through. In the end, if this show wasn't funny, it would probably receive a two from me, but the puns and quick back and forth between the characters completely redeemed the show for me.