Onanie Master Kurosawa, Chikan Otoko Recommendations

Onanie Master Kurosawa
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Onanie Master Kurosawa
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By the same author, in both manga, the plot is almost entirely character driven and relies upon on the intricate relations and interactions between the characters. The art drawn not "bad" in a sense but that it has almost no attention to detail, and the backgrounds are very plain. Chikan is heavily reliant on dialogue and conversations, whereas Onani is slighter better art and in my opinion easier on the eyes to read.
report Recommended by RicardosFlick
Onani Master Kurosawa and Molester Man reminded me of each other. Not only because they are from the same author and have the same art style. The main characters are a bit alike. Even though they are definitely not the most popular individual, they both don't want to stay like they are now and try to change. Though OMK has a different reason than Molester Man they both give you similar feelings. If you like the other I would say you will definitely like the other. So just give a shot. You will not be disappointed.
report Recommended by Yexel
In each doujin, you will find intriguing character interactions and relationships. Both stories revolve around a socially inept protagonist gradually learning the importance of friendship and love. Romance fans should have a great time with both stories.
report Recommended by Dashiawia
Both from the same Author, characters are very similar to each other. While Onani Master Kurosawa is more serious and Chikan Otoko is more on the comedy side. There are a lot of twists and surprises and emotional rollercoster moments throught out the chapters. If you like Chikan Otoko then you will love Onani Master Kurosawa.
report Recommended by sim0n2170
Both are amazing drama/romance doujins that focus on an awkward anti-social guy who (after meeting a girl) is trying to improve his life while coming to terms with mistakes and personal failures. They also share perverted humor, but Chikan Otoko leans more towards romantic comedy while Onani Master Kurosawa goes more into dark psychological elements. Gripping, twisting, emotional plots is the name of the game here. These two manga will hit you right in the feels
report Recommended by a_new_challenger
Both have the same artist, but this artist helped write both stories a little. The artwork is the same in both manga, even though if the artwork wasn't that great. However, the AMAZING plot makes up for both of these manga. The main characters both change dramatically at one point in the story. They both have very unexpected events and endings that you would never guess reading the first chapters of each manga. I read both of these manga spending one day each, and both of these manga are impossible to stop reading when you reach about to chapter 9. You WILL LOVE Chikan   read more
report Recommended by jestdabest23
These two doujins have different stories but the similar artwork will remind of each other. Both of these stories heavily revolves around character interactions and their relationships. In each doujin, the protagonist is someone who is socially inept with his surroundings. The protagonist gradually develops by learning from his experiences and mistakes thus receiving a perfect character development. They also give the readers a similar reading experience and romance fans will find themselves yearning for more.
report Recommended by Nuvi
The psychological works are deceiving to bypassers. They seem like generic high school drama manga but there are aspects of them that separate these works from others. Two main characters who share egoistical personalities are met by reality. Onanie focuses on a superiority complex while Chikan Otoko focuses on a man who expects too much. The main character's use the help of someone else to conduct their activities but their moral values take a change for better or worse and develop thoroughly as characters and undergo personality changes.
report Recommended by -Alians-
Both are brilliant slice of life comedies. Each has its own flair and adds its own tidbits, but the themes of self-discovery and change are present in both. Both have their ups and downs, and are suitable for reading in 1 sitting (about 2.5 hrs each). I say this because I couldn't put either one down at all.
report Recommended by changgang47
It's same author, style, similar plot.
report Recommended by papich