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20th Century Boys
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20th Century Boys
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The two pieces are emotive in two particular ways: a coming-of-age realisation, and the development of relationships between friends. Both also feature great artwork and storytelling.
report Recommended by radiantfire
Although both stories have fairly different plots and styles, 20thCB being a mystery/suspense and Punpun being a Slice-of-life drama, both mangas are coming of age mangas with a good sense of what it means to grow up. And both are incredibly good.
report Recommended by CrashRHCP
we were children, we were friends, we grew up then the fate separated us .. this is the idea of Oyasumi Punpun and 20th CB, Oyasumi Punpun is deeper for me and better,both have a time-skipping , If you liked 20thCB you won't miss Oyasumi Punpun
report Recommended by As3d
Although they follow different premises, Oyasumi Punpun and 20th Century Boys adapts compelling stories with an coming of age feeling. The psychological aspect of both series is well defined by the way the stories is composed with its characters. Amongst other factors, both series' characters have great characterization with elements of mystery and suspense.
report Recommended by Stark700
Coming of age, time skips / aging, realistic art, psychological with slice of life and comedy, and a similar art style give Oyasumi Punpun and 20th Century Boys a similar feel. There is also a "God" figure that gives some powerful insight and foreshadowing for the story.
report Recommended by Vladz0r
20th Century Boy and Oyasumi Punpun are seinen that have very deep phsychological aspect. Both of them have multi timeline from past to future. The difference is 20th story involved worldwide but punpun only involved character related from main character.
report Recommended by HiatusXHiatus