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Cute blue eyed boy fights supernatural evil with a sword, and despite being a goofball he has tremendous power and is protective of his friends.
report Recommended by princessofheart
With a supernatural setting, Noragami and Ao no Exorcist comes from similar backgrounds in a modern life setting involving otherworldly begins. Both series' main protagonist's life changes forever after one faithful day after they learn more about what's in stored for them. They meet both friends and foes while helping out others along the way. Their signature weapon are sacred to them and takes the form of a sword to battle against adversaries. Throughout both series, there's also elements of mystery related to the main characters' past that correlates with present events.
report Recommended by Stark700
Even though Ao no Exorcist deals with demons and Noragami deals with gods, the two have a very similar setting. Both MCs are relatable to each other, and the fighting styles are also similar in both series.
report Recommended by a--iko
PHANTOM/DEMON SLAYING: Main characters, Rin and Yato, are both powerful supernatural beings as Rin is the son of Satan and Yato is a god. They both try to restore their honour and a place in the world, even for such goofs. The phantoms/demons in both worlds show a lot of similarities. Both set in modern day with supernaturals run the world.
report Recommended by knightdreaming
Both MC are similar~ blue eyes, they fight with swords, both are a bit silly :D The two series manage to balance the comedy - action - supernatural genres.
report Recommended by Ritshiro
Both series are about dramatic, black-haired, blue-eyed boys who fight demon-like creatures with the help of their friends. More importantly, they have a similar formula of action with a large dose of humour and friendship. The characters in both series are immediately likeable and the plots are easy to get into.
report Recommended by lindensea
Both anime include a world with demons, the only differrence is that in Noragami they are called phantoms and in Ao no Exorcist demons. And in Noragami the phantoms come out at night and are only visible to gods, spirits or half-spirits and in Ao no Exorcist there is a demon world where the demons can only be seen by other demons or people who are scratched by a demon. Both main characters have a sword as weapon and similair fighthing style. Both anime have supernatural and action with here and there a bit of comedy.
report Recommended by Last_Standing
Except for the blue eyes of both MCs they give the same vibe though Ao no Exorcist is somehow darker. This probably maybe due to their difference in the character's background (i.e. Rin being a demon and Yato being a god). Both have action (slaying demons/phantoms or whatever they are called) and comedy (Noragami, in my opinion, has more to laugh at than Ao no Exorcist). It would be good seeing them fighting side by side. Hope this helps! Thanks for reading :)
report Recommended by cherushi-chan
Both series have similar protagonists as both of them are comedic but get strong when they need to protect someone close to them. One is the son of satan while the other is a god which makes them a powerful foe against there enemies.
report Recommended by purpleninja0006
Initially these two anime don't seem too similar to each other, but I believe the comparison needs to be made; The color schemes. Both anime have somewhat similar animation and completely unique and diverse colors that define their art styles. The character designs and eyes leave an impression of dazzlingly vibrant and fascinating to look at. If nothing else, the action scenes are also similar. Don't expect their stories to be similar however, one of the only narrative comparisons you can make is that both main characters use a katana of sorts.
report Recommended by KeyboardKafe
Again there is the element of fighting demons and also there is comedy. Both MC's possess a magic sword (You'll hate me for calling it that if you watch Noragami)
report Recommended by ANNightmare
Blue eyed-boy fights supernatural evil with a sword that has special abilities.
report Recommended by Ichigo_Shiba
In Noragami, there are souls, which remind me of the demons in Ao No Exorcist. Further on, the charisma of the anime feels very similar to me, though I can not particularly point on what makes it feel likewise.
report Recommended by lukii
Both these anime have the typical shounen set up of a powerful male lead fighting spirits intent on hurting mankind. Both have some slick well animated action, a cast of quirky likable characters and they both blend action, comedy and drama together to tell their stories. Where things differ is Blue Exorcist is a much more typical action anime, whereas Noragami is slower paced and more thougtful especially when it comes to developing the characters and their relationships with each other. Noragami isn't as action packed as Blue Exorcist, but it has more depth and feels much more engaging. Both these anime build up unique   read more
report Recommended by JakklL
-Both feature supernatural characters fighting malevolent forces. -Both feature a protagonist fighting against their nature. -Both mange to expertly balance goofy hijinks and deep, serious stories.
report Recommended by Shirukien
Both anime hold pretty similar plots and similar combat style battles. The worlds protagonists live in are full of demons that go around freely and they fight them off.
report Recommended by Megroth
Similarities: -both guy MCs have strange powers -both guy MCs have a light-hearted attitude -both guy MCs use swords -both have side characters that help out and are actually important to the plot -both have female characters that aren't used for fan service -both guy MCs care for the girl MCs, making it easy to fantasize a romance (even though none emerges...yet) Differences -Noragami's MC knows about his powers, which aren't fully revealed until the end of season 1 -female MC is way more important in Noragami -the fighting is slightly different, as instead of having different roles in battle, there are pairs of fighters who work together -Noragami doesn't really have a school setting Noragami's story   read more
report Recommended by tapbeat
Black haired, blue eyed missunderstood boy fights demons/phantoms. Have love intrests that are not that powerful, but compentent in other ways. A bit of the same humor and mix of comedy, action and drama. Also rock influenced soundtrack. Both really awesome :) If you liked one of them, you probably gonna like the other one.
report Recommended by Raggadish
-They both have something with demons/gods to do -They both have the same atmosphere -They both come across as similar while watching them
report Recommended by BloodyCow
If you enjoyed Ao No Exorcist, you're gonna love Noragami too. There are quite a few similar elements in both the series, like: 1. A hero who's very powerful but doesn't know it/utilize his power to its potential 2. He's awkward, goofy and lovable 3. There's a female lead who acts as the tether between him and his "humanity" (when his powers go out of control) 4. The beginning has a lot of humour but that paves way to sudden drama, feels and action. 5. A bespectacled HOT nerd (Yukio and Kazuma could practically be twins) 6. A strong, fierce fighter who wears a bra and short bottoms. Both anime provide great   read more
report Recommended by Sonal1988
Both of the leads in theses shows have super similar personalities and they are both hilarious.. amazing show highly recommended yo!
report Recommended by ErebosAkuma
its the same vibe, a powerful but imature god/demon fighting and protecting his friends, with some funny moments and fights
report Recommended by biscoito88
Both anime contain demons/phantoms from another realm. Some demons are helpful in Blue Exorcist but all phantoms come from negative intent and emotions in Noragami. Monsters from both anime have a similar form and behavior to each other, except the monsters from Noragami are more darker and less colourful. Both MC's have about the same personality. They share the same humor, and can be serious if the situation calls for it. They both fight with a katana against the demons/phantoms. Spirits can be summoned to assist you in battle in Blue Exorcist, but remain in the same world using the summoner's energy as fuel, but   read more
report Recommended by Century_Orion