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Light-hearted story about magical girls doing beautiful and magical things suddenly turned into a traumatic experience as they learn more and more about the dark truth of behind the true purpose of becoming "magical girls". Desperation arises as these girls face the threat of loosing their lives through the process. Even if both the series have a similar setting like this, Madoka Magica is more of a psychological roller-coaster ride playing with the viewers' mental state, while Ikusei Keikaku has a thriller story about a hunger-games or battle-royale among these girls with bloodfest every now and then.
report Recommended by TahZin
Both are magical girl series with a dark twist, where girls are granted magical powers by a cute animal companion - then it turns out there are serious consequences they didn't know about when they signed up for it...
report Recommended by Aurakin
Both magical girl shows seem cutesy at first and have a happy-go-lucky main character, but don't be fooled--they get very dark. Expect a lot of brutal plot twists and suffering for the characters. The theme of death is very present in both shows, and they get darker as they progress. There's also a cute-looking but super ruthless mascot character who basically pulls all the strings and makes the characters suffer by not revealing certain information until later. Recommended if you want a magical girl show that shows no mercy to the characters
report Recommended by Noodle070
These shows are extremely similar and saying anything could spoil both of them.
report Recommended by opasnimiki
Imagine, if Madoka have a survival game, without fighting a majo / monster-like creatures, kyuubei as hologram mascot (not as an alien, okay?), RPG-Themed, more mahou shoujo introduced, much darker-theme, and without "An irony and failed-to be hero girl" (yeah its you, Sayaka) If u can imagine it, u have Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku on your head right there ......
report Recommended by ExTz_Thomazz
Both Have Cute Girls In A Bloody Gore Series Both Have Dark Twists Any Minute Both Are Magical Girl Series's Snow White And Ripple Resembles To Madoka And Homura And They Both Have A Cute Mascot That Acts Very Creepy But The Difference Is Magical Girl Raising Project Is A Survival Death Game, While Puella Magi Madoka Magica Is Not, If You Like Puella Magi Madoka Magica, I Would Recommend You To Watch Magical Girl Raising Project
report Recommended by Madison_Brown
Both anime have the same kind of story. It was fuking dark with gore shit scenes. Both series are good and decent. Magical grills with dark plots are the best :D
report Recommended by Claeux
Girls who where pushed to become a magical-girl and were deceive in the initial conditions, now they have to fight for their lifes
report Recommended by Ktaldoxx
When I started to watch Mahou shoujo ikusei Keikaku I've noticed this: - Both are about magical girls - Both have traumatic experiences and both are violent - Both Get darker as they go along
report Recommended by Hysen
Both anime revolve around Magical Girls, everything may look cute in the beginning but, dark twists can show up at any moment. There is a cute pet-mascot that guides the characters but, can end up acting suspiciously in both anime and Snow White is very similar to Madoka. If you liked one of them, you will probably like the other one, too, since they both are deconstructions of the Mahou Shoujo genre and have a similar theme.
report Recommended by Melody
Both Magical girl anime with more darker theme then normal magical girl anime.
report Recommended by Kittycat_Neill
It has a similar take on the Magical Girls genre, but isn't a copy or anything close
report Recommended by Bagira20
The two anime's have kawaii mahou shoujo with several tragic moments in their story.
report Recommended by SeireiTenshi
They are both magical girl shows, and it can become very dark quick, so be warned. You may have to wait through some episodes though.
report Recommended by Hodor98
Madoka Magika and Magical Girls Raising Project are very VERY similar in their ideas and themes. I thoroughly enjoyed both of the shows as they have their cute and happy-go-lucky characters, twists and horrifying dark turn of events. Both shows feature young cute girls who are innocent and colourful, not knowing of the true "magical girl" nature and only viewing it as a pretty TV ideal. They start off very sweet and leading into their desired magical girl transformations, before they slowly start to realise it isn't everything they had hoped it would be. Both of the shows have many extremely beautiful designs and concepts, lovable characters   read more
report Recommended by Nami955
Both involve magical girls being "tricked" into becoming a magical girl by a small innocent looking creature. Both - Have a dark twist to them - Characters have similar personalities - Stand out from other magical girl anime If you love one you will definitely love the other.
report Recommended by Tanya-Project
Both are magical girl anime that looks so cute and moe, but it has a tragic and oscure story. Madoka -> Snow White - both are sweet girls who wants to save people. Homura -> La Pucelle - Both wants to protect Madoka/Snow White. Kyuubey -> Fav - Both are the ones who converts girls into magical girls, both doesn't understand human feelings.
report Recommended by sho_kurai
If you're a fan of dark magical girl shows such as PMMM, this is the perfect anime for you. Like PMMM, it's centered around an innocent girl who wants to become a magical girl to make everyone happy but instead gets caught up in the darkness of the world. Now while this anime isn't quite as groundbreaking as PMMM was, it's worthy of it's place in the dark magical girl genre and something I personally really recommend.
report Recommended by mahougirl
Madoka Magica seems to have inspired the creation of Ikusei Keikaku. Both take the magical girl genre and make it darker, characters in the latter have many similarities with characters from the former and both are psychological thrillers. I have wholeheartedly accepted Ikusei as a spiritual successor of sorts to Madoka Magica(it is definitely a better successor than its sequel that's for sure.) It is a great Anime for those who have watched Madoka Magica and would like something similar as well as those who were disappointed with Madoka's sequel.
report Recommended by tomray94
-Dark Mahou Shoujo anime -Snow White is just like Madoka -Ripple is just like Homura -Fav is just like Kyuubey -Both have deaths and blood -Madoka is more sad
report Recommended by Sailor_Cherry
Both are dark takes on the Magical Girl genre.
report Recommended by Jaurim
Magical girls, dark anime
report Recommended by JeeDragon
Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku, also known as Magical Girl raising project, is a game that turns players into their magical girl persona! It's a cute magical girl anime until it takes a dark turn, similar to Madoka Magica! Would recommend if you like dark animes.
report Recommended by Cyxnnn