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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
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Both have a male main character being stalked by a group of creepy girls.
report Recommended by monopura
The entire series of Chaos;Head is basically a drawn out version of the "Onikakushi-hen" arc in Higurashi... just add superpowers.
report Recommended by Tekky99
Both have 1 guy with girls around him. Lots of blood and gore and unansered questions.
report Recommended by powjaynil
Both are creepy, feature cute murdering girls, and have a lot of unexpected events. Both have the same feel.
report Recommended by Veronin
Both Chaos Head and Higurashi focus on a young man's life being flipped upside when he discovers a murder. Takumi's paranoia reflects Keiichi's own during Onikakushi-hen. Both boys are also surrounded by girls who they have trouble trusting after their life-changing discoveries. The chains of deaths around them lead them to shrink from the people they were, seeing the murderous sides of the girls before them and then their sweeter sides in school. Both have the same genres and atmosphere around them.
report Recommended by YamiAtem
Both base on game, Will make you think about stuff you'll never thought of, kinda same mood when they are at the major parts, and 1 guy alot of girls.
report Recommended by Rei_12
Both of these anime series Show Unexplained Mysteries and the ones involves are students who also goes into the same School aslo these anime series are both classfied as horror,Mystey,supense Thriler,for Those anime Fans Who like watching anime Series That will make them think as they watch each episode,will surely like anime Chaos Head because the anime chaos Head can offer the exciment Mystery and Horror they would like to see
report Recommended by TohkaShido
Both anime are about creepy girls killing people where the protagonist is paranoid and thinks they are trying to kill him. Similar feel except ChäoS;HEAd is set in a large city while Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is set in a rural village.
report Recommended by 5layer
Mysterious characters and an unexplained truth behind the psychotic and horrific events taking place...
report Recommended by Naro
If you watch Higurashi no naku koro ni you would like to watch this,lots of goosebump in chaos head then in Higurashi no naku koro ni.
report Recommended by JiakBaKaEng
If you want to see more mysterious events and some confuse scenes, Higurashi is a must!
report Recommended by Aizen_Zero
If you liked one of these two then you'll definitely like the other one. Both are psychotic thrillers that will keep you hanging till the very end. Higurashi may be a bit more confusing but its still quite good. You'll enjoy both of them if you're a fan of horror, suspense, blood & gore. Plus a bit of supernatural in higurashi, but Chaos head has a bit more supernaturality
report Recommended by sarroush
Paranoia, ilusions, misterious/suspicious girls, miths/urban legends.
report Recommended by BlowITA
Both animes centered on a boy who sorrounded by a lot of beautiful girl. And also it's all about murder & mistery. Both of them adopted from Visual Novel.
report Recommended by nekoyaki
A very interesting TVs, you can't understand everything fully to the end of it ^^ Full of blood and cute girls
report Recommended by YukiStyu
Weird events involving murders happening in a city where everything seemed to be normal. A young student is dragged to this situation along with some girls.
report Recommended by Liinah
Both have a twisted story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Higurashi has A LOT more violence/killing/blood compared to the 3-4 scenes in Chaos head.
report Recommended by imprezagc8
Its kinda sad the Way Higurashi plays with my emotion the way it did and how chaos head try to eperiment with this but absolutely failed. Chaos head is an unenjoyable watch as things start to happen for no reason but is very similar to higurashi if you want a lot of WTF moments.
report Recommended by BebeHillz
Both psychological thrillers, they are similar in that they deal with unique unknown forces in the beginning with very confused/scared protagonist, and shed light on them later. Just as a good psychological thriller should do =P
report Recommended by Nbnz
both focus on a lone wolf mc and being caught up with strange events with an unusual type of girsl.
report Recommended by Disapeared_Ghost
Murder mystery? Horror? main character who feels terrorized? Suspicious friend? Conspiracy? Higurashi is similar to Chäos;HEAd
report Recommended by AdityaRizkiS
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