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Olem 11 hours ago
Is that Sanae from Rokujouma? o_o
While I kinda don't like big spoilers like that, that's gotten me interested... I really liked the anime too so hearing that she has a real body interests me. Thought she was simply a ghost the whole time.

Hmm, so her weapon's called Gungnir, huh? Seeing a pattern here... Can't believe I didn't notice it before either >_> I'm assuming all the characters and their weapons have something to do with Norse Mythology, huh? Didn't notice that event he title of the anime was called "Fafnir"

Do they? Wouldn't have guessed Kirika and Darkness shared the same seiyuu. I think I heard a bit of Shirabe in Naoto though so that doesn't come off as too big a surprise as the other.

Oh, yeah, I'm aware of her ^^ Ayana Taketatsu, right? I know anothder friend of mine has her in her favorites, plus I also really liked a few of her roles, like Hiyori(though it was short :( ), Kotori, Tsugumi and Koneko.

Ohhh, who is she? I like her character design. ChunChunmaru v2? lol That's a major upgrade from ChunChunmaru v1... in iterms of both looks and power, I bet. That looks more like a v10 if anything.
Olem Yesterday, 11:11 AM
Who is she exactly? I don't recognize her. Her powers sound interesting though

Don't recognize him either. From his description, it kinda reminds me of Masou Gakuen HxH, where he has a power that only female characters should have. He reminded me of another character too but the name of the anime keeps evading me >_<

Oh, I see, so all 3 of them are from the same anime. She reminds me of Vita from the Nanoha series, but mostly because of the huge hammer and all lol

I guess it makes sense in her case since her weapon's called Mjolnir
Olem Aug 16, 11:12 PM
Ai Kayano, right? I'm kinda a fan of the roles where she voices the characters that give off some more... grace, I guess? Something like Akari from Sangatsu no Lion or Futaba from Amanchu.

By the way, who's the character in the bottom right? I tried searching through her roles and couldn't find the same picture... unless I'm just blind and overlooked it >_<
Searching through google also doesn't give me any results
Olem Aug 16, 10:14 PM
Saori Oonishi, huh?

Oh hey, look at that, didn't know she was also voicing Kuro from Isekai Shokudou
shadowfox254 Aug 16, 9:01 PM
Cute dragon goth loli.What's her story? Kinda makes wish that Illya, Chloe, and Miyu were in the game as well as DLC characters. Have you watched Fate/kaleid?

Just checked the seiyuu out, seem she also Emile from Hundred and she also voiced a female character from a game that I plan on buying. Her name is Little Red Riding Hood from Mary Skelter: Nightmares
Olem Aug 16, 8:24 PM
Sword Princess? Aiz? loool
Olem Aug 16, 1:06 AM
It's not that I'm intentionally ignoring you, it's because I was busy with work and only got out a little over an hour ago >_< I have today off though, so yeah, sorry about that. I saw your message on break but I can't reply well enough through my phone or through that company's internet since it's slow as hell and cuts off frequently.

Sorry, I can't find the similarity between Marie and Aiz, especially since I never finished Clockwork Planet >_< What do they have in common from those two videos?

That sounds pretty cool, though what exactly does this "Argonaut" power of his do on its own? I don't think I recall seeing it in the anime. THe only thing I recognize is his firebolt which he used pretty often in the anime once he learned it. The combinations sounds really cool though, especially it being able to be charged to increase its power. What's the duration of it once it's casted?

Oh yeah, I noticed that for Bell's Seiyuu too lol I had a good chuckle from that, to be honest. Depsite me not liking quite a bit of the characters he voices themselves, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka is really talented.

Inori Minase is pretty easy to spot out so I knew about her too, especially since I was refreshed by it with the Sword of Oratoria from last season.

I knew about Freya as well since you mentioned it in the other comment :P

Thanks for the others though ^^
Aw, wish you would've brought up Loki as well though since she's one of my favorites among the gods and goddesses in Danmachi

Who's the character in that gif?

footmaster Aug 15, 11:14 PM
shadowfox254 Aug 15, 8:46 PM
I see. What servants do you like using in Fate/Extella?

What do you think about this game? It's called Omega Labyrinth Z. Is there any ecchi games you like playing?
footmaster Aug 14, 1:35 PM
What's the difference between speed and master duel?

Does this mean that the new Yu-Gi-Oh! series is not following the traditional card game style of the original series?

I just saw a Youtube video of a Yu-Gi-Oh world championship and it was way different... all I see was a lot of shuffling happened.
Olem Aug 14, 12:11 PM
Oh yeah, knew about Shizuka Itou. However, for Hisaka Yoko, I didn't know. Now that you put Rias and Mommon side by side, I can hear one in the other. Well, not a seiyuu I'm crazy about so I didn't notice it before.

They look alike. I'm guessing they're... twins or something? Is that Pandora Hearts, was it called?

I know about Misato Fukuen as well. She has a lotta roles I've liked, even some that have been in my favorites. I think I was surprised when I had learned she did Asuka from Aokana and Tanaka from Prisma Illya. She actually nails those ditzy/airheaded characters pretty well, doesn't she?

I don't recognize the blonde one, does she only join later on? About Mikoto though, is hers just a temporary position in Hestia's familia? How's that work exactly

shadowfox254 Aug 13, 9:49 PM
So how many servants are in Fate/Extella?

Does that mean each of the heroines get their own chapter? Is there a main villain in the game?

I was thinking about buying Moe Chronicle for my Vita. Have you played it before?

Olem Aug 13, 12:02 PM
I don't suppose there's artwork of their combination attack, is there?

She sounds somewhat similar to Blanc from HDN lol

Oh yeah, I know those two have the same seiyuu. I've looked up Momo's seiyuu before since it was kinda hard not to like Momo. Still, was a little surprised to see she voiced her with the major contrast in their characters.

I know about Haruka Tomatsu and that she voices Kuroyukihime's friend in Accel World, right? How about the other two though? Dunno who they voice.

Oh yeah, I know about her ^^ Gotta love HanaKana. She even voices Sonoko, the character shown in my profile picture. I'm curious though, who's the character in the bottom left? I'm not familiar with her but I like her design, so I may choose to watch whatever anime she's from if it interests me.
shadowfox254 Aug 11, 10:27 PM
Cool. Any of the female characters that you like? How many routes does the game have?

Oh yeah, forgot to show you the 1st Yukikaze game.

This one is the Animation version with the h-scenes being animated,  and it looks great.
Olem Aug 11, 4:17 AM
What the heck... To be honest, I didn't know Aoi Yuuki also did Mina... I mean, it's been a long time since I've watched Dance in the Vampire Bund, but still
Oh nice, how much hp does it get per hit? Or is it per kill? If it's per hit, that sounds a little op lol

I always thought Ikki was kinda stupidly strong despite him not having "talent" like the rest of his family, but that sounds kinda ridiculous. A shadow not being able to keep up with how fast it is lol Would you recommend the LN btw? I really liked the anime so just wondering how it compares to the LN

I can already tell there's a huge difference between her and Darkness just by their designs lol Well, at least Darkness is stupidly tough... for whatever that's worth. Still, gotta love Darkness, and probably my favorite how the main female cast in KonoSuba
I may have to look into buying Zestria in the future. I've only played Vesparia and Symphonia. I also wanna check out Bersaria as well since I've heard lotsa good things about it, plus Rina Satou

Oh, you've already told me about her sister ^^