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In the last few weeks I've been singing the praises of Code Geass, and when people ask why I always end up comparing it to Gundam Seed. Both series have a similar plot, you've got a character who is silly smart, and decides to 'save the world'. Through both series you'll find you'll have yourself pondering about which side your really on. While Code Geass has Lelouch doing questionable things, you'll find half the characters in Seed lost themselves trying to decide who are the good guys. Although there is obviously a little more fighting and Mecha in Seed there is   read more
report Recommended by KHobbits
The mech combat is very well done and any fan of mech anime or of futuristic combat will appreciate both series.
report Recommended by guardianknight
Good anime, both deal with love and have best friends pitted against each other.They're both mecha though Code Geass focuses less on mecha but more on the story. And of course they both have pink haired princesses.
report Recommended by thegooseman
Gundam Seed is what you might call Code Geass' fraternal older twin. Like "Code Geass," it focuses on two childhood friends, Kira and Athrun, who end up on opposite sides of the battle. Lelouch fans/fangirls will be enthralled with Athrun Zala, and Suzaku fangirls will like Kira. However, this series is from Kira's point of view, so if you liked Suzaku's way of seeing war, then you'll agree with Kira. Strong female leads are a huge plus in this series, with Lacus as a more powerful Euphie, and Cagalli as a less fanserviced Kallen. Biggest Differences: space battles, both main characters pilot mecha, SEED spends more   read more
report Recommended by airichan623
Eventhough the characters themselves aren't that similar except for Princess Euphemia and Lacus and their pink hair, the relationships they have are pretty much the same. The friendship between Suzaku and Lelouch with them being on different sides of the battlefield are the same with Kira and Athrun being on different sides, one on ZAFT and one on EARTH Alliance. The relationship between Kira and his sister Cagalli are to the same extent that Lelouch shares with his half sister Euphemia. And also the romance between Cagalli who is a natural and Athrun who is a coordinator is similar to Euphemia who is a Britannian and Suzaku   read more
report Recommended by Reusing
Another anime by Sunrise, both both Athrun and Lelouch were directly based off of Char Aznable but they and other characters share many similarities with one another, both betray their nation (ZAFT/Britannia), both have a brown haired friend they fight against (Kira/Suzaku), Code Geass just happens to change the perspective (though both focus on the other protagonist too). SEED is much more better but I recommend Code Geass first because it will disappoint if you watch it afterwards.
report Recommended by Fortress_Maximus
obvious similarities: both have mecha, military, war, action and two best friends on two opposing sides fighting ideological battles and their own sense of justice and trying to persuade the other to join his side, a pink-haired princess etc. also everytime kira sits in the pilot's cockpit it always reminds me of suzaku. heck, even character designs are largely similar for kira and lacus, and suzaku and euphemia respectively. both are also full of battle strategies, plot twists, though code geass definitely has crazier twists and higher unpredictability. also, BOTH ARE TRAGIC, FULL OF ANGST AND INTERNAL CONFLICT, and both made me cry (; both   read more
report Recommended by Yuni---
Shows that feature ongoing battles between 2 childhood friends on the two opposite sides, although their ultimate goals are similar in that they want to create a better world for people to live in. These shows are also heavily dependent on mecha (robot fighting) as the central technology in their setting. Expect a lot of mecha action, drama, and a tad bit of romance. However, perhaps the plot does not hold up at certain points as the shows are more for entertainment rather than a closer scrutiny.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
They both have a very smart character or strategist. Both have best friends that are fighting on different sides from the start LOL. And both have mobile suits (or mobile suit looking things) that are well equipped and the main characters pilot them well. Kira is drawn like Suzaku. LOOOOOOL. It's like the Naturals vs Coordinators and Elevens vs the Brittanian Empire. Except Kira wants peace, and Lelouch wants to annihilate Brittania. There's also a Lacus-like character LOL. You'll get hooked onto the other anime if you really like one of them.
report Recommended by winniekira
These series both focus on the struggles of two friends who find themselves on opposite sides of a major conflict. They both feature giant robots. They also both delve into the causes of war and the hatred that breeds it. While the characters may not be direct matches, the similarities are definitely there.
report Recommended by LordAura
Gundam Seed in my favourite anime. However, if I had watched Code Geass first, I would not be sure which of the two I would choose. Despite the initial assumed similarities, the progression is still unique. Here are the comparisons, but I think it's better to see for yourself. THE BATTLE: Unlike Gundam Seed, Code Geass focuses on the strategical aspects of the battle, not just at the different designs and capabilities of the Mechas. Definitely a satisfying watch for the logic crazies. PHILOSOPHY: The different perspectives about war and the world are covered in both, but only Code Geass managed a definite resolution (although it might be a   read more
report Recommended by TatxuKinpouge
Aside from the superficials such as genre and studio, these two works feature a similar sub-conflict of two best friends starting on opposite sides of the same battle. One could say that one work is inspired by the other to an extent.
report Recommended by Balsamina
Two childhood friends fighting each other, one trying to find his own path, the other blindly following the path of their military. Ultimately main character chooses to fight for what he believes is right regardless of any opposition.
report Recommended by CNKD298
While both series involve Mecha and corrupt governments and military powers, both series are more closely related due to many of the characters morals and what they view as right and wrong in their respective worlds. While Code Geass is a little more straight forward with who the good guys and bad guys are, Gundam SEED has a little bit more complexity to it, as the protagonists on both sides of the war have their own views own justice and who is doing the right thing.
report Recommended by Oikura